At Celero Commerce, we believe in creating mutually beneficial relationships that are also profitable and deliver long-term value for each party. We don’t just provide your customers with the ability to accept payments—we do it with better technology, products, service, and pricing. 

Through our suite of solutions, we allow businesses of all sizes to make more informed decisions and create greater operational efficiencies, resulting in stronger financial performance.  We want to deliver solutions that mirror what the marketplace needs, with a wide-ranging ability to accept payments seamlessly, including mobile, e-commerce, and traditional POS.  To achieve this goal, we are building our company on collaboration, and we are always looking for great partners to join us on our journey.


Celero offers a customized solution set for financial institutions looking for leading-edge payments’ solutions. We stay at the forefront of technology (including mobile, wireless, and contactless), risk management, PCI compliance, IRS reporting, customizable reporting, and business management software integration, so that our partners can focus on cultivating customer relationships. In the end, our partners offer their business customers solutions that differentiate them and allow them to compete and win, including point-of sale, e-commerce, data insights, rewards, and business management software.


 If you need an elite, customizable payments experience out of the box for your B2B software customers, look to Celero for the best products and best pricing. Provide your customers with the ability to take payments with frictionless ease and seamless integration with your software’s capabilities. Deliver exponential value to your B2B clients through the power of Celero and you.


Do you work with a wide range of small and mid-sized commercial entities?  We need to talk.  At Celero, we create referral programs that can make your business relationships “stickier” and provide you with a residual income stream.  We strive to provide a superior experience for you and your customers, since our success is your success. The Celero team manages the complexities of the payments ecosystem like emerging technology, cutting edge products, payment compliance, IRS reporting, and customer support so that you can focus exclusively on your customer relationship. Talk to us about how we can set you up to start earning incremental revenue today!

If you’re interested in discussing any of our ongoing partnership opportunities,
please contact Jim Harris, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships.