Charlie Berard

Charlie Berard, our Chief Technology Officer, is a leading technologist and innovator in payments and financial technology sectors. Over the last decade in the payments industry, Charlie has completed several mergers and acquisitions as the technical lead. In his career, Charlie has focused on building agile technology teams and integrated systems that deliver value efficiently to users and shareholders alike.

Prior to joining Celero, Charlie led technology teams at several fintech companies. Most recently, he served as Chief Product Officer at Vanco Payments, where he focused on providing payment and software solutions to schools, non-profits, and faith-based institutions.

Charlie also enjoyed nearly five years on the leadership team at Anovia Payments, a venture helmed by Celero founder Kevin Jones. During his time at Anovia, Charlie served first as Director of Technology and then Vice President of Technology, overseeing the development of the company’s breakthrough trio platform for partner and merchant integration.

In addition to his leadership experience at Vanco and Anovia, Charlie served as Director of Product Development at Century Payments.

Charlie Berard earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of North Texas.

Charlie Berard

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