Full-Service Payroll Solutions for Merchants

two women in their shop going over expense reports

Each merchant we meet has specific, unique needs. At Celero, we strive to be a fintech partner you can count on to grow your business. We are proud to offer a real difference-maker for our customers in the form of payroll solutions.  

When it comes to affordable, dependable, user-friendly full-service payroll solutions, Celero saves you time and money. 

Our payroll solutions feature free setup and annual filings, as well as flexibility for monthly or more frequent payroll schedules. For a flat monthly fee, we’ll pay your employees by direct deposit, rather than the typical per employee, or per payroll charges you may see from other vendors.

Just three easy steps allow you to run payroll online by first entering work hours and wages, then approving the payroll, and lastly, paying employees while we handle your tax payments.

Let Celero’s Payroll Solution benefit you and below are just some of why Celero finds solutions for everyone.

Unlimited payrolls are included. After paying a simple monthly rate, choose the pay schedule you desire, and run unlimited payrolls online. Choose between direct deposit, paychecks, or cash.

Time off accrual rules are easily created your way for auto accruing time off for employees, like one paid leave hour for every 40 hours, so that tracking headaches will never happen.

A free setup means we’ll enter tax, payroll, and employee info into your portal at no charge. Faced with little time to switch payroll providers? Let Celero help.

Automatic tax filing protects from IRS fines with our secure tax filing service. No end-of-year fees for W2s and W3s, and we guarantee accuracy, so if there’s an error we’ll pay for it.

Free expert support by phone, email, or chat with one of our tech specialists ensures added peace of mind.

Other convenient tools like a free employee portal for each employee to access pay stubs gives you the ability to add 1099s, time and attendance, HR software of your choosing, and worker’s compensation insurance at any time

So remember, a free setup with no annual filing fees means our easy direct deposit system and online tools will better help you access previous records, and the monthly cost for 5 employees on a biweekly pay schedule is only $46. 

Our full service payroll solutions give our customers the advantage of time so start our free 30-day trial today. Remember, we’re always just an email away or call our merchant support team with any questions.