Celebrating Excellence: Nicole Jones, 2023 Super Duffy Award Winner

Nicole Jones Award Winner

In the spirit of continuous recognition of outstanding contributions and dedication, Celero Commerce is thrilled to announce Nicole Jones, Partner Support Director, as the 2023 Super Duffy Award recipient. 

This accolade, the most prestigious within Celero, honors those who embody the legacy of Michael P. Duffy’s servant leadership, peak performance, and profound respect within our walls and across the fintech industry.

A Pinnacle of Celero’s Team 

Nicole’s journey through 2023 has been exemplary, marking her an indispensable pillar of the Celero team. Her instrumental role in helping secure and maintain critical partnerships, including Pinnacle Financial Partners, underscores her critical contribution to our bank partner strategy. 

“Nicole’s commitment to us as a partner is noticed and valued. Her leadership and dedication to providing support and effective communication align with our mission to provide distinctive service and effective advice,” said Julie Lewis, Merchant Card Services Manager at Pinnacle Financial Partners.

Nicole’s dedication to delivering the “high-touch” service that Celero prides itself on has been a cornerstone of our success with top partners. Her efforts have solidified our existing relationships and paved the way for new avenues of partnership and collaboration.

“Nicole’s unparalleled commitment to our partners and her proactive approach in managing complex projects has set a new benchmark for excellence within our team,” said Tim Stahl, Chief Operating Officer at Celero. “Her initiative to establish a routine meeting cadence with our partners has been a game-changer, ensuring that all pending issues are swiftly addressed and that we maintain transparency with those partners as well as internal stakeholders. It’s this level of dedication and responsiveness that makes Nicole a central figure to our partners and a highly respected member of the Celero family.”

A True Representative of Our Core Values 

Nicole has shown significant growth and achievement in 2023. Her forward-thinking strategies and unwavering loyalty have enhanced our partner relationships and inspired her colleagues across the organization. Nicole’s approachability and expertise make her a go-to resource, embodying the essence of leadership and teamwork that the Super Duffy Award celebrates.

“Nicole’s influence within Celero extends beyond her immediate responsibilities. Her loyalty and dedication shine through in every interaction, making her a beloved figure among our team and partners alike,” Stahl said.

The Super Duffy Award, peer-driven and steeped in the tradition of Michael P. Duffy’s legacy, recognizes those who live and breathe excellence, open and honest communication, and superior performance. Nicole Jones is a testament to these values, and her work reflects an individual’s profound impact on an organization and its culture.

A Leader Who Exemplifies Michael P. Duffy’s Legacy 

As we look forward to celebrating Nicole’s accomplishments at Celero’s upcoming Leadership Summit, we are reminded of the profound legacy left by Michael P. Duffy. Leaders like Nicole carry this legacy forward, inspiring all of us at Celero to reach new heights of excellence and service.

Congratulations, Nicole Jones, on being named the 2023 Super Duffy Award Winner! Your remarkable contributions have propelled Celero forward and set a standard of excellence and dedication that will inspire us for years to come.