Easy, Affordable,

Full-service Payroll

Simplify your payroll process with Celero’s affordable and comprehensive solution, designed for businesses of all sizes.

Payroll that Works For You

Just enter your employees’ work hours, and we’ll handle the rest. Pay your employees through direct deposit, cash, or check.


Pay a low monthly rate plus free direct deposit. No EOY filing, setup, or per-payroll fees.


We automatically calculate, withhold, file, & deposit taxes on time so that you never have to worry.


Run payroll in three easy steps from anywhere. Finish in minutes (or seconds).

Run Payroll in 3 Easy Steps

With Celero, payroll processing is efficient, accurate, and stress-free. Start your journey toward a more streamlined payroll solution today!

Enter work hours and wages.

Approve the payroll.

Your employees are paid.

Increased Savings With Celero

Switching your payroll operations to Celero not only streamlines your processes but also offers significant cost savings compared to other providers. Our efficient, all-in-one solution minimizes additional fees and reduces administrative overhead, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively.

Free Setup, Seamless Service

Experience hassle-free transition with our complimentary Payroll setup for all new customers. We meticulously enter all your data, including year-to-date payroll information, freeing you to focus on your business while we take care of the details.

New Business Owner? No problem.

For new businesses requiring tax account setup, sign up for a free trial and reach out to Patriot at (877) 968-7147 for free support information, available Monday through Friday, 9AM to 7PM ET.


What’s included?

Pay a simple monthly rate, choose the pay schedule you need, and run unlimited payrolls online. No per-payroll fees. Choose between direct deposit, paychecks, or cash.

Create rules to automatically accrue time off for employees, such as one paid leave hour for every 40 hours worked.

No time to switch payroll providers? No worries! We’ll enter your tax, payroll, and employee information into your portal for you at no charge!

Protect yourself from IRS fines with Celero’s secure tax filing service. No end-of-year filing fees for W2s and W3s, plus guaranteed accuracy.

Payroll can be tricky, so we offer free support via phone, email, or chat. Our tech specialists are here to help you every step of the way.

Our payroll services provide employees with a free portal for pay stub access and optional additions like 1099s, time and attendance tracking, HR software, and workers’ compensation insurance.

We Recommend Gathering These Items Before You Begin Setup:

*Note: Your state unemployment agency may send your SUTA rate determination in a separate letter. This rate is based on your industry and your company’s individual claim history for unemployment.

**Tip: You can find all of this on the W-4 form filled out by your employees.

  • Your company legal name, DBA (if applicable) and company address
  • All of your tax ID numbers, including your federal employer identification number (EIN), your state tax withholding ID number and your local tax ID numbers (if applicable)
  • Your state unemployment (SUTA) account number and SUTA rate for your company*
  • All employee information**, including: names, addresses, social security numbers, tax filing status and details on current deductions & contribution
  • The pay rate and pay frequency (weekly, biweekly, etc.) for all employees
  • All payroll registers for the current year, by pay date
  • All employer taxes for the current year, by pay date
  • Copies of all tax filings for the current year (i.e. 941, state & local tax returns, SUTA)

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