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Merchant Success Stories

Tailored Non-Profit Solutions

Celero’s Tailored Non-Profit Solutions For Cedar Ridge Camp

Celero Commerce offers comprehensive non-profit solutions tailored to enhance fundraising activities. These solutions range from facilitating online donation buttons to providing the latest payment equipment at a reduced cost, ensuring quick and uncomplicated setup for non-profits. Cedar Ridge Camp from Louisville, Kentucky, was referred by their bank to partner with Celero and utilizes the online gateway for event registration and management.Before using Celero’s non-profit solutions, the camp had challenges with taking payments, especially in-person through mobile devices. However, since transitioning, not only has their payment system become simpler and more efficient, but their customers have also praised the seamless experience. Cedar Ridge Camp highlighted Celero’s outstanding customer service and said they would recommend it to other non-profits.

Castle Air Museum Leverages Celero’s One-Time Events Progam

Celero’s One-Time Event Program is designed to streamline payment processing for seasonal businesses. With no contracts, no monthly minimums, and low equipment rental fees, it stands out as an easy and affordable solution for businesses to accept credit card payments or donations. Castle Air Museum in Atwater, California, switched to Celero’s solution after previously using Square. The Museum emphasized the advantages of Celero’s solution, including prompt customer support with readily available representatives, increased ease of commerce for customers, and enhanced functionalities like product breakdowns. They particularly praised the handheld Clover Go device for its ease of operation and recommended Celero to businesses looking to streamline operations and enhance their commerce experience.

One-Time Events Program

Field Service Management Solutions

RazorSync and Best Air Conditioning

RazorSync is a cutting-edge software and mobile app designed to simplify field service management. This award-winning tool enables businesses to manage customers and employees, dispatch workers, handle invoicing, process payments, and more, accessible from any device anywhere. It stands out for its user-friendly design, cost-effectiveness, and features like job site invoicing, QuickBooks integration, a self-service portal, and live support. Best Air Conditioning in Florida praised the software for its effortless dispatching, credit card processing, and invoicing capabilities. Their positive experience led them to recommend the solution to other businesses, especially for its simplicity and value for money.

Welenken CPA Finds Success with Celero’s eCommerce Solutions

Celero provides diverse eCommerce solutions tailored to meet various needs, whether one is venturing into online payments for the first time or is an established online entity. Their range includes simple payment links for those with minimal tech experience to more complex gateways compatible with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. Before transitioning to Celero’s eCommerce solutions, Welenken CPA, based in Louisville, Kentucky, primarily accepted phone payments and were looking to offer clients a more convenient online payment method. The switch to a virtual terminal has been well-received by clients due to its ease and flexibility, allowing payments even during weekends. A standout feature for Welenken CPA is Celero’s accessible reporting capabilities, ensuring accurate tracking of transactions.

eCommerce Solutions

Intuitive and Versatile Payment Processing Solutions

Celero Connect Gateway and Amada Senior Care

Celero’s Connect Gateway is an intuitive and versatile payment processing solution that allows businesses to seamlessly accept credit cards and e-checks, whether online, in-office, or on-the-go via a mobile application. The platform offers features like electronic invoicing, recurring billing, and the capability to support multiple businesses from a single office, making it ideal for diverse needs and IOLTA compliance. Amada Senior Care, a nationwide provider of non-medical home care services, has been utilizing Celero’s Connect Gateway since 2021. Their partnership with Celero was built upon the gateway’s superior speed, performance, cost, and excellent customer service. The gateway enabled Amada Senior Care to concentrate on its core mission: assisting individuals in maintaining their independence at home. Furthermore, it aids in identifying funding sources for care, such as VA benefits for senior veterans and long-term care insurance.

Clover and Toni’s Courtyard Café

Toni’s Courtyard Café transitioned to using Celero’s Clover restaurant system and has benefited from its efficiency, accuracy, and convenience ever since. Before adopting Clover, the café utilized Cake POS and Square. The decision to switch to Clover was easy, thanks to the seamless transition process facilitated by Celero representatives. Beyond its payment acceptance capability, the café utilizes Clover’s features such as Homebase for clocking in and out, back-of-the-house features for daily closures, and offering gift cards to their patrons. Customers have expressed a particular liking for the hand-held Clover Flex device, praising its ease of use.

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