Samantha Strauss

Welcome to Celero Commerce, your trusted partner in merchant services. I’m Samantha Strauss, and I’m not just a provider in payments—I’m also a fellow small business owner like
you. My journey into the payments industry began with a simple mission: to streamline and optimize my own business operations.

Driven by the desire to take control of my own destiny, I immersed myself in the world of merchant services and discovered strategies to enhance efficiency and reduce costs for my own business. It wasn’t long before I realized that I could leverage my knowledge and experience to empower other local businesses!

At Celero Commerce I offer personalized guidance and unwavering support. Unlike traditional providers, I believe merchant services shouldn’t burden your bottom line. With a focus on transparency and tailored solutions, I strive to ensure that your processing fees are manageable and fair.

As a local business owner myself, I understand the challenges you face firsthand. That’s why I’m here not just to provide you a service, but to educate and empower you every step of the way. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of the payments industry, ensuring that you understand exactly what you’re paying for and why.

Let’s rewrite the narrative of credit card processing and build a future where merchants thrive! With Celero Commerce and my dedicated support, your success is not just a goal—it’s a

What can Celero do for you?

Offer your customers all the ways to pay!


Celero has a full spectrum of solutions that work for you

Quickly and securely accept mobile NFC payments and EMV chip cards from any smartphone or tablet.

Accept online and recurring payments securely, and generate invoices in seconds from anywhere.

Making a payment on POS via mobile

Simplify your business with cutting-edge payment solutions and the tools to get started.

Payroll Cheque In Envelope. Man Hand Holding Paycheck

Run unlimited payrolls online at an affordable price. Pay your employees through direct deposit, cash, or check.


Increase sales, build a loyal customer base, and promote your brand with our gift card and loyalty programs.

Person shopping online for shoes, looking for payment on their mobile

Whether you need to accept credit cards or process checks, you can do it all from any computer.

A store clerk extends his hand for the customer to pay by means of a dataphone when contacting his purchase

Why choose Celero and me as your representative?

  • Our mission is to help small to medium-sized businesses win against big box competitors
  • We have built trust and integrity among local communities and nationwide
  • We pride ourselves on having a high-tech and high-touch approach to payments
  • I offer personal service and am only a call or email away!

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