Introducing Chancey Allred, the First-Ever Winner of the Celero Rising Star Award!

Celero is proud to announce Chancey Allred as the inaugural recipient of the Celero Rising Star Award.  

The Rising Star Award – an extension of the esteemed Michael P. Duffy Leadership Award – recognizes and celebrates promising up-and-comers within our organization. This accolade recognizes those who exemplify vision, initiative, commitment to excellence, and the capacity to inspire those around them.

A Star in the Making

Chancey has been a phenomenal addition to our Tampa office, serving as a Sales Administrative Specialist with a can-do attitude that has profoundly impacted our daily operations. Her role goes beyond routine tasks; she is the backbone that keeps our Tampa office thriving. 

From managing office supplies and repairs to organizing company events and maintaining weekly performance metrics, her meticulous attention to detail ensures that our sales managers and account executives can focus on what they do best. 

Leading by Example

Chancey shows relentless dedication and organizational prowess, especially during critical times such as the recent office move in Tampa.

During the office relocation, Chancey coordinated the logistics and stayed late, ensuring everything was set up perfectly for a smooth transition. Her leadership and efficiency during this time were exemplary, demonstrating her potential as a future leader within our company.

“Chancey is a standout team member whose vibrant energy and exceptional work ethic have significantly enhanced our office environment. Her proactive approach and readiness to take on any challenge demonstrate qualities that are not only admirable but essential for our future leadership,” said Kevin Crerand, Senior Vice President of Direct Sales and Chancey’s supervisor.

Chancey’s influence extends beyond logistics and organization. She plays a crucial role in fostering a welcoming and positive office culture. Her efforts within the Direct Sales Talent Acquisition team assisting sourcing and onboarding new hires and making the office a more enjoyable place to work have not gone unnoticed. Her ability to uplift and motivate her colleagues truly embodies the spirit of the Rising Star Award.

“Her enthusiasm and commitment to excellence have made her indispensable and a role model for her peers. Chancey’s remarkable contributions make her the perfect choice for the Rising Star Award,” Kevin said.

Celebrating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Chancey’s exemplary performance and leadership qualities make her the ideal recipient for the first Celero Rising Star Award. Please join us in congratulating Chancey Allred for her outstanding contributions and for setting a high standard for what it means to be a true rising star at Celero. 

Congratulations, Chancey, on this well-deserved recognition!