Congratulations to Shannon Racz, Q1 2024 Duffy Award Winner!

We are thrilled to announce Shannon Racz as the recipient of the prestigious Duffy Leadership Award for the first quarter of 2024. As a Compliance Manager at Celero, Shannon has significantly enhanced our compliance capabilities and company culture since her arrival early last year.

Leading with Passion and Precision

At Celero, compliance and security awareness are integral to our product offering and critical to our success with partners and merchants. Shannon has excelled in managing our compliance requirements, often working diligently behind the scenes to complete essential questionnaires. Her proactive efforts have not facilitated new sales and strengthened our existing relationships. In addition, her passion for keeping security training relevant and interesting is apparent. 

Shannon’s impact was particularly notable in the first quarter when she was vital in several key initiatives. She was instrumental in our annual PCI compliance audits and led the coordination of our annual security awareness training. Shannon also played a key role in the rollout of our 1Password initiative and actively participated in our Technology AI hackathon. Her ability to manage these projects simultaneously while maintaining her day-to-day responsibilities speaks volumes about her dedication and capability.

Beyond the Role

In addition to her professional duties, Shannon is a dedicated member of our Celero Cares committee, driving charity and volunteer initiatives. She has worked tirelessly to facilitate quarterly themes and outreach, offering guidance and support to our Brand Ambassadors and serving as a resource for all Celero Cares initiatives.

Toby Meyer, Vice President of Technology and Shannon’s direct supervisor, commends Shannon on her ability to inspire those around her.

“Shannon’s knowledge, persistence, and appreciation for the perspectives of our fellow employees makes her an invaluable member of our team and a joy to work with. Her ownership of compliance and additional focus on community efforts exemplifies the leadership qualities we hold in high regard at Celero,” Toby said. 

“Her leadership goes beyond compliance; she truly demonstrates cares for our people and the broader community. We are proud to have her on our team and are delighted to honor her with this award.”

Celebrating Leadership and Commitment

Shannon’s leadership and commitment have not only propelled Celero forward but have also set a benchmark for all of us. Her contributions and the high standard she sets are what the Duffy Leadership Award is all about—recognizing and celebrating those who elevate our core values through their outstanding commitment and leadership.

Please join us in applauding Shannon Racz for her remarkable achievements and for embodying the Celero ethos. Congratulations, Shannon, on this well-deserved recognition!