Understand Your Merchant Clients Better With In-Depth Data

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Celero offers advanced analytics to help banks better understand merchant clients and their needs. Gaining this deeper knowledge is the first step to helping our bank partners reach their goals. 

Expanding your bank’s commercial deposit base is essential. Celero’s analytics solution, BankMax, features many benefits for financial institutions like yours. Are you ready to take your bank to the next level?

What is BankMax

BankMax is a growth program that enhances the overall banking relationship. Due to the high demand for our products and services, we have developed a comprehensive sales process. This process includes training, prospecting, pricing, and closing deals.

Your target market opportunities can often be more effectively identified with the help of a partner’s perspective. BankMax was developed to help you better identify the most promising fee income opportunities and deposits at risk.

Explore the Features 

BankMax offers executive management tools for sales tracking, real-time revenue goal setting, and sales projections. It also provides a new kind of engagement intelligence that enhances coworker interaction.

Encouraging associates to cross-sell and build confidence fosters a powerful sales culture. Access to Celero’s sales training and internal sales force helps create a bank culture focused on results. BankMax’s transparent sales tools uncover savings opportunities and improve closing outcomes, making it an indispensable resource.

Our best-in-class payment options include contactless and mobile payments. These options, combined with the support of marketing efforts like in-lobby signage, brochures, and other co-branded or white-labeled materials, help to make our BankMax program invaluable to bank partners.

Analytics and data reporting form the foundation of all our efforts. Decisions regarding staffing, loan approvals, and merchant processing are all supported by our reporting tools. Our visually engaging, simplified reporting methods are essential tools for senior executives and board members.

The key statistics generated by BankMax come with detailed analytical visuals. These break down the performance of your financial institution, streamlining your decision-making process. 

Guided by analytics, your strategy is executed with greater precision. Detailed daily merchant reporting provides your bank with cutting-edge technology to manage and grow a successful portfolio.

The BankMax Program

Beyond analytics, the BankMax program encompasses a comprehensive growth strategy for banks. 

Sales Training and Best Practices: Banks gain access to Celero’s sales training and best practices, helping them turn leads into sales and create a results-driven culture​​.

Support in Sales Process: Celero assists banks throughout the sales process, from training and prospecting to pricing and closing deals​​.

Celero’s analytics solutions offer financial institutions a comprehensive toolkit to understand and cater to each bank’s merchant clients effectively. These tools not only aid in identifying revenue opportunities and managing risks, but also enhance decision-making and client service customization. 

Coupled with the broader benefits of the BankMax program, banks are well-equipped to grow their commercial depositor base and improve overall client satisfaction.

Learn More 

Reach out to get started with Celero BankMax, and let’s discuss how we can work together.