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Celero Core provides fintech solutions so your software company doesn’t have to. It offers an easy way to integrate payment processing directly into websites and apps, making payments a core part of your business technology.

How Celero Core Works

Celero Core operates by merging three critical components: technology, payments, and people. This integration ensures a smooth transition of payment processing into software applications, making it a part of the business’ software infrastructure​​. 

Its implementation involves the following:

Seamless Integration: Developers can easily integrate Celero Core into their software applications, allowing for a smooth fusion of payment processing capabilities within the app or website.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform is built with a focus on ease of use, ensuring that even developers with limited fintech expertise can utilize it effectively.

Continuous Support: Celero Core provides ongoing support and relationship management, helping developers and their clients grow and maximize their payment portfolios​​.


Celero offers powerful management, payments, and analytics solutions through Celero Compass, Connect, and CeleroBI.

Celero Core alleviates the burden of integrating complex payment solutions​​. The elimination of manual coding for payment solutions means developers can save significant time and focus on other aspects of their software.

Compass provides a comprehensive merchant onboarding and management system, complete with control and insights features. This customer relationship tool is indispensable for businesses.

Connect is a flexible payments API that reduces development time and maintenance for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). It enables secure and efficient payment processing from any device, making it ideal for e-commerce, retail, and mobile situations.

CeleroBI delivers the industry’s most comprehensive real-time portfolio, data, and analytics features. Data intelligence is crucial for the growth and profitability of software companies.


Our flexible payment plans are tailored to best suit your business needs and customers. These easy-to-integrate solutions prepare your systems to accept all forms of payments.

Our goal is to foster growth and fully realize the value of your payments portfolio, driving higher valuations for your investment.


These solutions empower our mutual customers. Our support for your business extends to dedicated account management, including relationship management, payment, and onboarding support, all designed collaboratively.


In addition to our integrated suite of products, our payment gateway helps retain customers and build brands. 

By incorporating a payment gateway within a SaaS solution, businesses can increase customer retention and brand loyalty. The convenience of in-app payments encourages customers to return.

Retaining business means having repeat customers. Our products and processes efficiently and safely handle each transaction, fighting fraud and helping customers choose convenient payment methods.

By streamlining payment processing, Celero Core offers an affordable solution for accepting credit card payments. This ease of integration allows software developers to focus on serving returning customers.

Celero champions a merchant-first mindset that extends beyond our technologies.

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