How Celero Can Help Your Nonprofit Increase Its Positive Impact

Man on computer using his card

Celero’s tailored solutions for nonprofits enhance fundraising activities, making it easier to increase donations. Our user-friendly tools seamlessly integrate with your website, simplifying the donation process for individuals, foundations, and community partners.

Celero’s diverse solutions designed for nonprofits align with modern consumer preferences for supporting great causes. The ability to accept donations through various methods is crucial for meeting your capital needs and enhancing your communication strategies.

Our Marketing Assessment

We begin by auditing your organization’s assets to identify strengths and make informed recommendations for communications planning.

Easily Communicate With Donors

Effective branding and communication strategies are essential in making donors feel appreciated and in building long-term relationships. We understand that donors are the foundational assets of your organization, and communication with them is a top priority for non-profits.

Quick Boarding

Clover Flex is a handheld, wireless device that allows you to accept donations anytime, anywhere. You can accept payments quickly, whether at a charity or networking event. Its high-resolution touchscreen and built-in receipt printer go where you go.

Real-Time Analytics

Using data analytics helps nonprofits understand emerging donation patterns and identify opportunities for contribution growth. By analyzing performance across different channels, you can focus your efforts where they are most effective. This also includes tracking the expanding pool of supporters and changes in donor behaviors to maximize fundraising.

Contactless Donation Options

We provide easy-to-set-up online donation buttons and the latest payment equipment at reduced costs. Our nonprofit partners appreciate the simplicity of our solutions.

Clover Go is a portable payment device that accepts chip, swipe, and contactless payments. Simply connect it to your smartphone, and you can accept donations from anywhere.

Clover Mini is a highly customizable tabletop payment device that streamlines donation acceptance. It also allows you to manage your organization efficiently, with the option to add POS apps for donations, employee payroll, inventory management, and more.

Accepting Donations Online

Our payment gateways offer hassle-free online donation options for your donor community.

Authorize.Net is a Visa-backed gateway ideal for over-the-phone and contactless payments. It features anti-fraud protection and a database for storing supporter information, including automatic updating of expired cards to ensure uninterrupted recurring donations.

PayTrace is a versatile gateway that aligns well with various causes and donation methods. It offers encryption, tokenization, signature capture, and the option to email receipts, ensuring secure and straightforward contributions.

Learn How Celero Can Help 

Celero’s solutions for nonprofits provide essential tools for increasing donations and managing operations more effectively. Our hardware and software offerings are not just tools for transaction processing; they are integral to fostering a more efficient, donor-friendly environment that can help nonprofits achieve bigger, better things. 

By streamlining the donation process and back-end operations, Celero empowers nonprofits to focus on their core mission and goals, ultimately leading to increased impact and growth.

Focus more on maintaining donor relationships and less on managing the back-end of donor payment systems. Contact us to learn more about how Celero can support your nonprofit.