Celero Success Stories

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Celero has a solid track record of steering clients toward success through a combination of cutting-edge fintech solutions and unparalleled personalized customer care. We empower small to mid-sized businesses with customized payment solutions. We are excited to showcase a few of our client success stories below—testaments to the impactful synergy between advanced fintech and the personalized support that Celero offers.

Celero’s Tailored Non-Profit Solutions For Cedar Ridge Camp

Celero offers comprehensive non-profit solutions designed to elevate fundraising activities. Our solutions are geared towards facilitating quick and hassle-free setup for non-profits. 

Cedar Ridge Camp in Louisville, Kentucky was referred by their bank to Celero. The camp now utilizes our online gateway for efficient event registration and management. Previously grappling with challenges in payment processing, especially in-person via mobile devices, Cedar Ridge Camp has experienced a positive transformation since embracing Celero’s solutions. The payment system has become simpler and more efficient, earning praise from customers. Cedar Ridge Camp highlighted Celero’s exceptional customer service and recommended Celero for other nonprofits seeking a reliable fintech partner. 

Castle Air Museum Leverages Celero’s One-Time Event Program

Celero’s One-Time Event Program is a game-changer for seasonal businesses, offering a simplified approach to payment processing. This program’s contract-free model comes with no monthly minimums and provides affordable equipment rental options, making it ideal for businesses with one-time or seasonal events.

Castle Air Museum in Atwater, California made the switch to Celero after using Square. The Museum praises Celero for the prompt customer support with accessible representatives, heightened ease of commerce for customers, and enhanced functionalities, such as payroll access and product breakdowns. 

RazorSync and Best Air Conditioning

Offered by Celero, RazorSync is a comprehensive solution in the field service management landscape, delivering seamless software and mobile app integration to simplify all aspects of business operations.

Best Air Conditioning in Florida attests to the exceptional capabilities of RazorSync, highlighting its effortless dispatching, credit card processing, and invoicing functionalities. Their positive experience streamlined their business operations and also prompted them to recommend RazorSync to other businesses for its simplicity and unmatched value. 

Welenken CPA Finds Success with Celero’s eCommerce Solutions

Celero offers a comprehensive array of eCommerce solutions, catering to a diverse range of needs for businesses entering the online payment space or those already established in the digital realm. 

Welenken CPA, located in Louisville, Kentucky, initially relied on phone payments and sought a more convenient online payment method for their clients before adopting Celero’s eCommerce solutions. The transition to a virtual terminal has garnered positive feedback, with clients appreciating its ease and flexibility. Welenken CPA highlights Celero’s accessible reporting capabilities as a standout feature. 

Celero Connect Gateway and Amada Senior Care

Celero’s Connect Gateway is an intuitive payment processing solution, enabling businesses to accept credit cards and e-checks across various channels. Packed with features like electronic invoicing and recurring billing, Connect Gateway caters to diverse needs while ensuring compliance with IOLTA regulations. 

Amada Senior Care, a nationwide provider of non-medical home care services, has been using Connect Gateway since 2021. Their partnership with Celero is founded on the gateway’s exceptional speed, performance, cost-effectiveness, and customer service. The gateway empowers Amada Senior Care to focus on their core mission of aiding individuals in maintaining independence at home. 

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