A Look at a Few Celero Success Stories

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Success in business often requires the right tools and partners to navigate challenges and take advantage of opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at some success stories from businesses that have partnered with Celero Commerce. These merchant spotlights showcase the diverse industries that Celero serves and also the transformative impact that our cutting-edge fintech solutions have had on businesses of all sizes.

RE/MAX Gold Coast Property Management

RE/MAX Gold Coast Property Management has been a prominent player in property management for 13 years in the Gold Coast area. Serving the community with comprehensive property management solutions, RE/MAX GC required robust financial organization to manage a high volume of properties. Celero stepped in, offering expert payment processing solutions customized to the needs of RE/MAX GC. 

Before Celero, RE/MAX GC faced challenges with another fintech provider, experiencing delays and lack of responsiveness. With Celero, they found a reliable partner in Vice President of Western Sales, John Correa, who provided swift and efficient solutions. The responsiveness of Celero’s team addressed RE/MAX GC’s concerns, allowing them to streamline their payment processing and focus on managing their many properties. The switch to Celero has provided them with more time to dedicate to client services and consistent growth each year. 

With Celero’s support, RE/MAX GC envisions a future of serving the community, expanding their team, and addressing the growing demand for real estate services. 

RnR Vacation Rentals

Stu and Diana Roberson, founders of RnR Vacation Rentals, turned their Lake Tahoe dream home into a thriving vacation rental business. With Celero’s support, the endeavor turned from a side hustle to a dominant vacation rental company. Celero’s solutions have been instrumental in the company’s sustainable growth. 

Facing challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and increased regulations on short-term rentals, Stu and Diana have turned setbacks into opportunities. Celero, serving as their trusted payments partner, offers solutions for fund flow and an optimal customer experience. With payment options ranging from over-the-phone to online payments, Celero, led by dedicated account manager John Correa, ensures a tailored blend of solutions that integrate easily with RnR Vacation Rentals’ business management system. 

The personalized and responsive customer service provided by Celero has been crucial for RnR, emphasizing the significance of customer service in our partnership. 

DYE Precision

Founded by a professional paintball player and his wife, DYE Precision, Inc. has evolved from a paintball product manufacturer to an industry leader in sports, defense, aerospace, automotive, aviation, medical, and electronic products. Celero proudly supports this unique company by providing payment and business optimization solutions. 

Celero’s plug-and-play fintech solutions, customized to DYE Precision’s specific needs, have played a key role in achieving consistent growth. The integration of payment and business management solutions with their existing ERP system, facilitated by Celero, ensured a simple transition. 

Celero’s solutions, combined with personalized service, have not only helped DYE Precision achieve its revenue goals but also pass on cost savings to their customers. 

Break Even Golf

Amid the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Break Even Golf, a Celero merchant partner, found success with its signature product, Pyramid Putter. Launched just as pandemic-related restrictions were taking effect, the Pyramid Putter quickly gained popularity, benefiting from the surge in interest in outdoor activities like golf. 

Break Even Golf strategically utilized digital and social media marketing, along with endorsements from renowned golf player Blair O’Neal, to build credibility and reach customers directly. Operating on a 100% e-commerce model, Break Even Golf relies on Celero’s secure payment gateway, Authorize.net, to facilitate online transactions. 

Delicious Wines Crew

Delicious Wines Crew, based in Napa, California, goes beyond selling fine wines—they cultivate a sense of community and education around wine. Adapting to challenges posed by the global pandemic, Delicious Wines Crew introduced virtual tastings to maintain connection and learning. 

Celero’s payment solutions, including Authorize.net and a variety of tap-to-pay options, played a crucial role in making business operations more efficient. QR codes on wine bottles and other innovative technologies have also improved convenience for customers. The adaptability and user-friendliness of Celero’s payment offerings have been game-changing for Delicious Wines Crew. 

What Can Celero Do for You?

Celero’s personalized solutions, including advanced payment technologies and comprehensive business management tools, can make a transformative impact on your organization. Take the next step to achieve success today! Contact Celero and unlock the possibilities that lie ahead for your business.