Comprehensive Solutions For Financial Institutions Like Yours

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Celero Commerce is your ultimate one-stop shop for comprehensive revenue growth solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of your financial institution. At Celero, we understand that success in today’s dynamic banking landscape requires more than just conventional payment processing services. We offer a wide range of solutions designed to empower financial institutions and their commercial depositors with services such as payment processing, payment devices, business management solutions, and expert marketing assistance. We are committed to helping your institution and its business clients thrive.

Our Programs and Solutions for Financial Institutions


The BankMax program is designed to enhance revenue generation for financial institutions. The program begins with a thorough data analysis to identify fee income opportunities and potential risks to deposits. With real-time revenue goals and sales projections, financial institutions can leverage customer data to execute effective sales plans. 

The program also focuses on building a successful sales team through in-depth training programs, fostering confidence in products and services. Data-based decision-making is emphasized, providing detailed analytics and daily reports to streamline operational strategies. Additionally, BankMax equips financial institutions with cutting-edge payment technology, including contactless and mobile payment options, while supporting marketing efforts with co-branded materials for an enhanced customer experience.


Celero Compass, our latest all-in-one business management tool, is tailored for financial institutions and their commercial clients. Packed with features such as onboarding, lead management, and an advanced underwriting tool, Compass simplifies the process of establishing and nurturing commercial relationships. 

The platform employs integrated text messaging for follow-ups, converting potential clients into return customers. Customized views by user empower your team to effortlessly transfer leads from digital campaigns into the system, and send messages to bank representatives.

Connect Gateway 

Empower merchants to accept payments from any location through this versatile platform. With features such as electronic invoicing, recurring billing, and multiple merchant ID capabilities, Connect Gateway provides a comprehensive solution for payment processing and business management. 

Celero Connect boasts an array of powerful features for simplified payment processing, such as electronic invoicing, recurring billing schedules, fraud prevention, and more. Additionally, Connect enables you to integrate payment processes into QuickBooks using the QuickBooks Plug-in to process transactions, create appropriate accounting entries, and mark transactions as paid. Celero Connect is a comprehensive and efficient solution for your payment processing needs. 

Portfolio Purchase 

With the Portfolio Purchase program, monetize portfolios and receive an immediate payout, enabling bank partners to reinvest in their teams and merchant services, fostering continuous financial growth. 

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At Celero, our integrated solutions for financial institutions offer the essential sales tools, training programs, and business plans you need to boost revenue for your business. Contact us today for further information and to see your merchant portfolio grow to new heights.