Pairing Advanced Technology with Unparalleled Service

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At Celero, we don’t just offer fintech solutions; we partner with businesses to ensure they fully harness the potential of our tools. We lead each integration with the goal of providing a seamless blend of advanced technology and comprehensive guidance – allowing our customers to achieve both expertise and hands-on mastery. 

Our unique approach combines top-tier technology with personalized service. While many fintech companies might chase technological advancement at the expense of customer service, Celero excels in both areas. We match the tech solutions you need for success with warm, attentive customer support that helps you navigate any challenge.

It’s essential that businesses or financial institutions aiming to retain commercial clients use our BankMax, Compass, and/or Connect platforms. Pair these with our unmatched support for great results.


In the modern banking environment, data-driven decisions are paramount, and accurate, visually engaging data presentation is essential for decision-makers. 

BankMax empowers banks to grow by generating significant recurring fee income. With Celero’s proprietary sales process, banks can acquire, secure, and expand commercial accounts. Beyond facilitating employee training, BankMax guides your prospecting, aids in pricing strategy development, and assists in closing sales.


A CRM tailored for banks, Compass is vital for top-notch customer service. Compass ensures the necessary tools to glean the best insights are always at your fingertips.

Celero Connect

A dependable payments platform is a must for businesses always on the move. Celero Connect, our comprehensive payments gateway, streamlines acceptance of all payment types – in-person, contactless, curbside, mobile, online, or electronic check. It consolidates income streams, displays upcoming expenses, and shows payment history, all in one spot.

Built-in QuickBooks integration and a streamlined customer information vault make it simple to transfer and store important data. Additionally, you can monitor open projects, produce informative reports, and manage finances effortlessly.

Our Focus on Customer Service

To guarantee continuous support, we provide expert customer and technical assistance. In the ever-evolving landscape of fintech, our deep-rooted commitment to our customers truly differentiates Celero from the pack. 

We recognize that technology is merely a tool – the true power lies in how it’s wielded. Our team doesn’t just provide software; we provide solutions. Our constant evolution is driven by the feedback we receive from our community of users, ensuring that our tools aren’t just advanced but also relevant and user-friendly.

The world of finance is vast and varied, and we appreciate that each merchant and institution has its own unique challenges and goals. This understanding forms the basis of our personalized approach. By treating each client as a partner, we can tailor our solutions to meet their specific needs, ensuring optimal outcomes every time.

We believe that our dedication to service is what keeps our clients coming back. It’s not just about technology for us; it’s about building lasting relationships founded on trust, mutual respect, and shared success.

We aim to equip your organization with a complete toolkit for success. With BankMax, Compass, and Connect by Celero, you’re equipped to manage your business, process payments, and bolster brand loyalty. 

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