Kara Barker Honored as Celero’s Q3 2023 Duffy Award Winner

header- Kara Barker winning an award

The Duffy Award at Celero is a quarterly tribute to those among us who not only represent but elevate our company’s core values through relentless commitment and exceptional leadership. As we unveil our Q3 2023 Michael P. Duffy Leadership Award recipient, we’re delighted to highlight an individual whose influence resonates throughout the organization, bolstering our customer experience and fortifying our company ethos.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Kara Barker, our Training and Development Manager in Human Resources, who has been recognized as the embodiment of our mission at Celero.

Kara has been instrumental in nurturing the company’s talent and cultivating a work environment that thrives on intentionality and mutual respect. Kara’s dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence have not only raised the bar for her colleagues but also marked her as a cornerstone in the structure of our company culture.

“Kara has been a transformative force within Celero, particularly in our Leadership Development and Mentorship programs. Her ability to elevate these initiatives has been nothing short of remarkable,” said Oksana Abbott, Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

“She welcomes each new hire and instantly makes them feel at home while meticulously providing the tools they need for success. Her dedication is a bright example of the leadership qualities we value and strive to cultivate company-wide.”

The strides made under Kara’s guidance in the recent quarter have been exemplary. She has taken our Leadership Development and Mentorship programs to new heights, truly encapsulating the spirit of leadership and the drive for continuous enhancement.

“Kara’s unwavering dedication to our values and her pursuit of excellence are evident in everything she does,” Oksana added. “Kara’s not only the standard-bearer for our onboarding process but also an advocate for professional growth that benefits the entire organization. It’s leaders like her who foster our culture of collaboration and achievement.”

As is the tradition, Kara will be invited to the 2023 Celero Leadership Summit in Nashville, TN, an opportunity for her to engage with other leaders and share her valuable expertise.

The entire Celero team extends a warm and celebratory congratulations to Kara Barker. Her commitment to excellence, inspiring leadership, and substantial contributions have not only propelled our company forward but have also set a standard for all of us to aspire to.

Please join us in applauding Kara’s remarkable accomplishments—a true embodiment of the Celero ethos. Congratulations, Kara, on this well-deserved recognition!