What Types of Businesses Need RazorSync?

Engineeer working at a construction site

RazorSync is designed to suit the needs of a wide variety of businesses. As developers of desktop, mobile applications, and software solutions, Celero can streamline field services for companies.

RazorSync is five-star rated software as well as a mobile app for serving HVAC, plumbing, electrical, computer and IT, alarm and security, lawncare and landscape, appliance repair, pest control, cleaning, handyman, garage door, pool and spa industries. It also aids installation services of all kinds. For government and public sectors, facility maintenance, and more, our software keeps getting better and better! 

With our history of supported field services for startups, small and mid-sized businesses, and national enterprises, we can help enhance the customer experience like never before. 

Why RazorSync?

With its next-generation software, RazorSync can manage your business from anywhere. Whether operating from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can go where your business needs you.  It offers offline multi-device compatibility that aligns with your preferred service style.

If you’re without an internet connection, you can still use RazorSync. As soon as your internet reconnects, all your data will automatically sync. RazorSync is versatile, supporting Android and iOS mobile platforms, in addition to Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Thanks to our program’s advanced reporting, work order flow optimization, billing, and scheduling tools, all the necessary features are at your fingertips. Its wide range of options help increase your efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and grow your profits.

Get RazorSync

RazorSync will easily work with QuickBooks, which simplifies your bookkeeping process. You’ll save time, money, and effort allowing you to spend less time worrying about managing your organization and more time building strong, long-lasting relationships with your valued customers. 

Our platform offers a self-service portal, integrates with QuickBooks, provides a Payments On the Go option, supports Job Site Invoicing, and offers Live Support, all of which reduce accounting errors. Invoicing problems and miscommunications between customers and employees, are in the rearview mirror. 

It also features activity tracking, appointment scheduling, and automatic backup, including an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows two pieces of software to communicate and share data with home offices. This means an installation technical representative can spend more time with clients. At the $85 subscription level, you can save time and reduce paperwork.

Get Started 

Learn more about RazorSync and why nationwide field service management businesses trust our advanced, intuitive, and user-friendly platform to get the job done. Schedule a demo and start working smarter, not harder!