Fintech and Business Optimization Solutions Designed For Retail

a woman using her phone to pay for her things at a department store

Adaptability is the name of the game in retail. To thrive in a constantly evolving landscape, retailers turn to fintech and specialized business optimization solutions as their secret weapons for success.

Discover the Beautiful Simplicity of Clover

Clover, as the best tablet-styled, cloud-based POS (point-of-sale) device, offers a high level of productivity, functionality, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness when compared to the market. It can be reliably used in a variety of settings.

With cloud synchronicity, payment processing no longer requires manual intervention. Data can be accessed more quickly and with less management. Clover eliminates the need for separate hardware and software.

Using a payment gateway is also easy with Clover. Our Celero Connect gateway accepts all payments across e-commerce, retail, and mobile, and is compatible with any device.

Clover is an excellent choice for retail environments due to its extensive inventory management, shop layout customization, employee management tools, loyalty apps, gift cards, and other retail-specific features. Additionally, it has an app market feature that allows for easy integration of useful tools like online ordering.

Clover has several devices for different needs, including a mobile version that connects to cell networks and a mobile card reader that connects to a cell phone or tablet.

Additional Payment Terminals 

In addition to Clover, there are other payment terminal options such as Dejavoo Z-Line and the FD150. Here are some highlights of their features.

Dejavoo Z-Line terminals are cost-effective and durable POS machines with the touchscreen functionality that people have gotten used to. Securing transactions is its main job, and it interfaces with Apple and Android devices. Their compact size offers ease of use, and connecting via ethernet-USB to Ethernet and WIFI is a snap. They also support contactless payments and have camera capabilities.

The FD150 from Fiserv /First Data is the most widely used and secure payment terminal option. Its ease of connectivity feature for merchant processing and color screen, make it a standout with easier communication and readability. A flexible payment terminal option quickly connects via phone, ethernet, or wifi. As a desktop terminal, it accepts contactless credit and debit cards and is also EMV standard-enabled. An optional PIN pad may be added for PIN debit transactions.

Get Help From the Experts 

Choosing the right solution for your retail establishment is essential. At Celero, we specialize in helping retail merchants enhance their operations. Reach out to learn about Clover or any of our other products. Our goal is to help you bring your goods and services to market securely and reliably.