Celero Connect: The Power of “Yes”

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Celero Connect, our versatile payment gateway that enables your merchant clients to run their businesses from anywhere in the world, offers a diverse array of products and vertical-specific technology solutions. With access to 4 of the top 10 payment processing platforms, Connect also offers more than 5,000 business management solutions designed for businesses in dozens of industries. 

Payment and management solutions are finely tuned to accommodate a wide range of merchant types, from restaurants to law offices. This expansive reach empowers you to affirmatively provide payment and business management solutions to an even broader spectrum of merchants. Connect, armed with state-of-the-art solutions, is crafted to surpass expectations.

The Payment Gateway of the Future 

As the most intuitive and versatile payment gateway, Connect enables merchants to accept payments across e-commerce, retail, or mobile platforms – all from a single interface. With features like electronic checks, multiple merchant IDs, checkout buttons, and fraud prevention included, the enhanced payment experience also bolsters your merchants’ ability to attract new customers.

Credit and Debit Card Processing 

Connect’s credit and debit card payment solutions can be tailored to meet the exact preferences of your customers. Whether utilizing POS systems, virtual terminals, or a platform for mobile payment collection, Connect’s tools provide solutions that meet today’s needs and give your merchants capacity to grow.

Mobile and Online Payments

Secure, on-the-go processing empowers merchants to serve their clientele from anywhere. Connect seamlessly integrates with demands for mobility, offering cutting-edge e-commerce capabilities that facilitate swift payments from any device.

Streamlined invoicing, accurate EMV card transactions, and reliable recurring payments ensure that merchants can conduct business effortlessly across different platforms.

Expert Fraud Protection 

Connect offers robust fraud protection capabilities to help keep your merchant clients and their customers safe. With the exponential growth of online transactions, ensuring the security of sensitive financial information has become paramount. Celero Connect addresses this challenge by integrating advanced fraud detection and prevention mechanisms into its system.

Through real-time monitoring, AI-driven analysis, and fraud scrubbing, Connect can swiftly identify and mitigate potentially fraudulent activities. Whether it’s unauthorized access attempts, suspicious transaction patterns, or other fraudulent behaviors, Connect’s fraud protection capabilities provide a strong line of defense for businesses and their customers.

Other Solutions Your Merchants Will Adore 

In addition to our highly advanced, comprehensive Connect payment gateway, we offer a wide variety of other payment and business management solutions to help you better support your merchants clients.

Gift Card and Loyalty Programs

With gift cards and loyalty programs, your merchants can reward their most valuable customers while promoting their brand and earning additional revenue. These intelligent touchpoints inform future promotional strategies, ensuring better service to next-generation customers.

Mobile Field Service Management

Our RazorSync field service software manages both customers and workers within a unified platform. It simplifies fieldwork administration, enabling scheduling, employee dispatch, and invoicing from various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers.

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