Why Data Security Should Be Priority Number One

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Data security should be your top priority, to protect your business and your customers. Organizations are legally obligated to protect customer and user data from being lost or stolen and ending up in malicious hands. 

Data cybersecurity is also a way of preventing the reputational risk that goes with data breaches of any kind. For example, just this past June, a massive hack of a file transfer tool, MOVEit, has impacted over 200 organizations and affected up to 17.5 million individuals as of July 2023.

PCI Compliance Made Simple 

Because data breaches can be extremely expensive and damage your company’s reputation, Celero’s payment and business management solutions offer the highest proprietary data security. Coupled with  Payment Card Industry data security standard (PCI) compliance, your data is secure with Celero.

PCI requirements ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit card information must always maintain a secure data environment. Card members and the businesses they transact with are always building mutual trust. This confidence leads to repeat purchases while improving a brand’s loyalty. It aids in preventing further breaches and related lawsuits, helps promote data security worldwide.

Additional Safety Measures 

Just the start of data protection, the PCI standard is only as good as the businesses that rely on it. Further preventions of data breaches must include:

  • Self-checkout monitoring of terminals by workplace staff.
  • Regularly updating point-of-sale (POS) software.
  • Performing spot-check audits.
  • Maintaining documentation relative to PCI compliance and encouraging better safety habits with employees.

Design Your Ideal Payments Bundle 

Celero Connect is a mobile credit card processing device software. It gains access to business management solutions with security at the forefront of its operating system. So processing cards and ACH payments online is worry-free. Fraud management and customer vaults further enhance its already built-in safeguards.

Designing the best-suited payments bundle is easily achieved through Celero’s POS, mobile payments, and virtual terminal options. Even if you need contactless payment bundles driven by EMV/NFC technology such as Apple Pay, you’ll have a checkout process that’s both easier on you and your customer and safer for everyone, too. 

Guaranteed funding and check verification programs are also on the menu, so peace of mind is only a call away. A full-service payroll solution also comes with free expert support so that all your important data security questions are always answered.

Consider a gift card and loyalty program that not only promotes your brand but also offers anonymity if a client is buying for a specific someone. Retailers that possess a gift card’s numbers and PINs can protect the card’s proprietary ownership with fraud prevention built in.

Put Data Security First With Celero 

When considering our offerings, you can rest easy that Celero always puts data security first in everything we do. Talk to Celero and let our team better understand your business. We can help you grow sustainably while keeping your business and your customers safe.