Power Your Software With Celero’s Payment Solutions

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Celero Core is a set of solutions designed to optimize Celero’s growing partnerships with software developers.  Core helps developers create more effective, versatile software while saving time, since Core eliminates the necessity of coding payment solutions into software manually. 

As the line between software and payments diminishes, Celero Core means you won’t have to give up features that enhance customer loyalty while reducing friction in transactions. 

Three-in-One Platform for Better Software Development

With Core, a greater array of development choices are possible. Developers may access a range of user-friendly and flexible solutions that don’t require considerable integration effort, as in the past. Software developers are freed to create better software solutions, and clients get better software answers. For example, pulling up a clients’ payments on an iPhone or Android device means response times will be better managed due to the software’s embedded features.

Core offers our partners an integrated suite that includes Compass, CONNECT, and CeleroBI services so that independent software vendors can reduce development and maintenance time with a flexible payments API.

  • Compass is an onboarding and management platform for merchants with full support and insights.
  • CONNECT allows independent software vendors (ISVs) a much-reduced development and maintenance cost while providing the most flexible application programming interface (API).
  • CeleroBI is the industry’s most robust and real-time portfolio data and analytics platform for our partners.

A Comprehensive Set of Solutions for Merchants

Payments are our business, and Celero offers the most flexible payment plans and processes built to best suit your firm’s needs and your customers’.

Merchants who use your software need different ways of collecting payments from their customers. Celero offers a user-friendly approach, with mobile and payment gateway enhancements. Our POS systems, gift card and loyalty programs, and e-commerce solutions will give your business an edge on serving merchants with a wide spectrum of needs.

Our goal is to help you grow, scale, and maximize the value of your payments portfolio. In turn, higher valuations for your investment are greatly improved.

Your Partner in Growth

Our people and solutions work in tandem to empower our mutual customers to maximize every dollar they earn. We take pride in being able to support you and your customers every step of the way. Our customer support of our payment portfolio comes with,

  • Customer-dedicated account management,
  • Dedicated relationship management,
  • Payments onboarding and support processes designed through collaboration,
  • And a merchant-first mindset.

Please call on us today to learn how to integrate Celero Core into your software applications. Our dedicated customer support representatives are here to help every step of the way.