Payment and Business Management Solutions Crafted for Restaurants

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At the juice bar or bake shop, ready customers often don’t have a lot of time to spare. They’re either on their way to work, out to meet clients, or need a quick bite to fuel their working morning or afternoon. 

You need a point-of-sale (POS) system that helps optimize your operations while creating a convenient customer experience, whether you’re taking payments in person, online, or via an app. 

Let’s take a look at some of Celero’s solutions for restaurants.


Clover solutions are solid options for POS systems in the restaurant environment, including quick-service and full-service restaurants. Clover offers extensive inventory/menu builds, table layouts, bar tabs, and other restaurant-specific features like curbside pickup. 

There are also app enhancements with other useful tools like online ordering. Clover has several devices for different needs, including a mobile version that connects to cell networks and a mobile card reader to connect to a cell phone or tablet. 


Depending on the size of the restaurant, your typical terminal can also work with Dejavoo Z-Line Countertop Terminals or the FD150 Terminal that accepts PIN-secured debit cards plus all major credit cards. 

Contactless payments and gift cards are easy to accept, plus these terminals also accept paper checks through the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance protocol.

Contactless Payments

We offer “no-touch” solutions that eliminate physical contact with customers. Self-checkout with mobile devices and contactless payments are two examples of no-touch solutions. A user simply scans a code or hovers their mobile device or card over a payment terminal to complete a transaction.

Phone Payments 

Taking payments over the phone is easy too. Accepting payments that require a merchant account or payment services provider that can process card-not-present transactions is a must, and Clover delivers on this front.

In-Depth Analytics

Real-time analytics is applied logic and mathematics to data that provides insights for making better decisions quickly. In the restaurant industry, that means value-adds such as an inventory system that reminds the merchant that a certain item needs replenishment.

Speed and Ease-of-Use Are Key 

Quick-service restaurant payment solutions like Clover make ordering easier so that orders are more accurately placed. Customer requests are easily satisfied, and the software links the right orders to the right guests. 

The speed of service is also enhanced because orders are given directly to the kitchen from the counter, the takeout window, or online. Paying is also fast, as the system lets guests handle their own payments. If no Wifi is present, then Clover accepts payments while the Internet is down in an offline mode and simply processes them when it’s turned back on.

When you invest in speedy, frictionless POS systems, the results are happy customers who will keep coming back. 

Let’s Talk 

Celero offers a wide array of payment solutions designed specifically for restaurant owners and operators. Contact us today, and let Celero be a difference-maker in your business.