Ways of Growing Your Community Bank

a woman paying with a credit card

A community bank only thrives when its customers and their communities flourish. If banks work continuously to improve their offerings and service to customers, they will see measurable growth quarter after quarter. 

A community bank’s customer service, employee volunteerism, and marketing fitness also play roles in their ongoing success. The following steps map some specific ways your customer loyalty can improve so that core deposits remain robust.

A Focus on Customer Service

Because community banks must be the first point of contact for businesses and individuals alike, your service team must be highly trained, compassionate, knowledgeable, and ready to offer financial guidance. 

Community banks typically benefit from less turnover, helping build trust with everyone they serve. 

Getting Involved

Successful community banks often see their employees taking advantage of all volunteering opportunities. This service not only improves the community for everyone, but local causes will also help bankers forge meaningful relationships with potential new customers that can forge ever deeper connections.

Again, it’s all about trust.

Marketing Energy

Multiple-channel marketing encompasses the best strategies to boost both bank revenue and the bottom line. These strategies include social media content, thought leadership blogs, informational and product promotion blogs, infographics, and videos. 

Informational guides that advise their client base on how to grow their businesses, operate more soundly, and mitigate risk, help to establish community banks as trustworthy advocates for the entrepreneurs in their area.

Diversifying the Traditional Bank Product Lineup

Offering various fintech solutions that appeal to many businesses is also a key difference-maker. Offering a wide variety of customizable, advanced fintech solutions is something Celero offers its partners for integration with their traditional bank offerings.

Celero’s customized partner programs for community banks manage risk, liability, and sales processes so that our partners can spend more time cultivating authentic relationships with their commercial clients. 

Additionally, here are some of our partner programs our bank partners are already raving about.


At our core, we’re bankers who understand the payments process and how you can leverage it to drive greater loan, deposit, and fee income growth. Our BankMax growth program does this and more to help you grow and scale your business.


Compass is a suite of tools aimed at helping bank partners acquire and grow commercial relationships. With its frictionless onboarding, lead management, and underwriting tool (Celero Confirm), Celero becomes your trusted intermediary. Its built-in CRM system also gives you real-time reporting, insightful dashboards, and automated notifications. Best yet, these tools are intuitive and easy to use.


Celero Connect is a payment processing platform allowing merchants to accept payments from anywhere. Electronic invoicing, recurring billing, and secure ID merchant capabilities are all included. 

Celero Connect will fully integrate payment processing within every operation of their business and provide them with helpful tools to track performance.

Portfolio Purchase Program

Our innovative portfolio purchase program provides an immediate payout to community banks that choose Celero. The program allows our partners to reinvest in their team through monetizing their payments portfolio accurately and immediately.

For an all-inclusive price that utilizes multiple processing services on any platform, Celero shoulders the burden so that you can spend more time developing commercial relationships and serving your community. The program even comes with marketing support, training, and a full-service help desk.

Banks provide the growth engine for businesses that serve communities across America, and they deserve partners who can help them grow over time. Grow your community bank  by contacting Celero today.