How Your Business Can Offer Beautiful, User-Friendly Gift Cards

a pink and gold wrapped present with glitter hearts surrounding it

Whether it’s a holiday, anniversary, or another special occasion, delivering a gift card with a well-thought-out message can go a long way to forging relationships and holding on to loved ones. Customers love them, and you will, too, when you see how gift cards help grow your business.

Gift card solutions from Celero are easy to set up. We offer beautiful, custom gift cards to help boost your revenue and increase your customer base while encouraging customer loyalty.

Generating extra revenue can be affordable and easy to track. Easy to reload for repeat business, gift cards become a springboard for your loyalty program. 

In addition to building your brand with beautiful designs that can be initiated right at checkout, you can track customer rewards easily in real time. 

Multiple touch points can be created that pair gift cards with your loyalty program effortlessly. Integrating with your POS means syncing inventories or streamlining appointment scheduling. 

Setting up a professional ecommerce website for your business and other point-of-sale solutions are simple add-ons, too.

Merchant support comes with all of our offered services, and knowing a service team is behind all of your efforts means peace of mind for your customers and your business.

Gift Card Solutions

Gift cards are a winning strategy for building rewards and loyalty programs.

Gift cards open many opportunities for businesses to grow their brand and sustain customer loyalty. A reliable gift card solution for your business can streamline your sales process, fortify your cash flow, and increase your profitability.

Building A Brand

An important part of any marketing strategy is to create a tangible reminder of your business for your customers. Gift cards are a great example of this tangible expression of your brand, one that can motivate future purchases

At Celero, we offer personalized gift card designs to convey your business message and brand properly.

Rewarding Loyal Customers

Gift cards encourage repeat purchases. Each gift card has a unique number: a barcode, magnetic stripe, an encoded chip, or a plain readable number. The number activated with the dollar amount is accounted for through a database that tracks transactions.

Successful businesses use rewards, such as point, tiered, or paid programs, that encourage customer loyalty. Typically, rewards link to an app showing the gift card balance and allowing the user to load more money onto the card. Businesses can then track these systems from a customer’s gift card. 

Offering Card Convenience

Gift cards available online or in the store offer convenient options for customers and increase your reach beyond your physical location. This fast payment technology entices customers who want to reduce transaction time for their purchases. 

Better yet, customers can connect any device to an e-gift card to make purchases and track rewards on the go.

Try a Marketing Strategy with Gift Cards

Digital gift cards are more convenient and accessible than traditional ones and are twice as popular, especially with Millennials, who will be the largest generational cohort of shoppers within seven years. Also the gift card market  is predicted to reach $3,845 billion by 2030. 

So, smart companies are including gift cards as part of their marketing strategy. Incorporating gift cards into your social media is a perfect way to spark customer interest and increase your business’s exposure. Social media marketing accounted for 46% of gift card purchases in 2021 alone. 

Find Out More About Gift Cards

Gift cards work just like a debit card that rewards customers and businesses alike. As a means to save and a way to communicate with customers, Celero has a gift card solution for your business that will keep customers coming back. 

Contact us to learn more about making gift cards a part of your business growth strategy.