Payment Solutions Optimized for Real Estate Rentals and Property Managers

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Property management professionals and real estate investors need financial tools that benefit their firms and their customers alike. It is important to consider payment solutions that are flexible and convenient to help you manage your various locations, track maintenance and repairs, manage and improve the rental experience, and coordinate all rental operations. 

Payment solutions from Celero Commerce, such as Celero Connect, SwipeSimple, and gift card programs will optimize your efficiency and drive profitability while creating a frictionless customer experience.

Our Powerful Payment Gateway Connect

Celero Connect allows you to run your real estate rental business with payment options galore. This payment gateway accepts all forms of payment (in-person, contactless, curbside, mobile, and online), with customizable features specific to rentals and the management of real estate assets. 

Here are just a handful of great back-office benefits of the Celero Connect platform:

  • A user-friendly interface that you and your team will love using.
  • Processes all kinds of credit and debit card payments with one click.
  • Saves time by scheduling recurring client billing.
  • Unifies all income streams by processing all forms of payments on a single platform.
  • Accepts electronic check, mobile, and online payments through a virtual terminal.
  • Processes transactions, makes accounting entries, marks transactions as paid, and generates reports through a built-in QuickBooks integration.
  • Stores your lessee information confidentially.
  • Includes expert customer and technical support services.
  • Accepts client payments from anywhere while helping optimize customer loyalty.
  • Provides electronic check acceptance, a collect checkout for web based owners, fraud prevention and detection, a QuickBooks plug-in, business intelligence, recurring billing, and more.

SwipeSimple Streamlines All payments

Our SwipeSimple payments solution enables you to process chip, stripe, mobile, and EMV transactions with one tap from your office terminal. You can quickly print receipts and invoice your customers easily. The following benefits come with SwipeSimple:

  • Accepts any form of payment from your patent terminal, IOS, Android device, or any web browser.
  • Takes mere minutes to run.
  • Collects and stores customer information to speed up future transactions.
  • Creates, customizes, and sends digital invoices.
  • Sends automated payment reminders via email and text, so you won’t need to contact clients manually.
  • Tracks invoices and payments in real-time.
  • Generates in-depth reports and insights that will help to increase your profits, improve customer service, and more.
  • Easily exports transactions to tools like QuickBooks and Excel.
  • Prints receipts and invoices with the click of a button, effectively speeding up your billing process.
  • Allows you to spend more time interacting with your valued prospects.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

Real estate companies focused on vacation rentals know all too well the value of loyal, returning renters season after season, year after year. Just as your favorite retail shops thrive on repeat business through gift cards and loyalty programs, property managers can gain a competitive edge on their competition with these same fintech products. 

With loyalty programs, you can track and reward repeat renters, and with gift cards, you can equip generous friends and family members with the ability to give a vacation, honeymoon, or a quick weekend getaway to their loved ones. 

Celero is constantly improving and expanding its payment solutions specific to the needs of busy real estate professionals. Learn more about Connect, SwipeSimple, and our gift card and loyalty programs today.