How to Grow Your Real Estate Rental or Property Management Business

a couple receiving the keys to their house

At Celero Commerce, we have the right fintech solutions that will help you grow your real estate rental or property management company.

We understand the unique operational and marketplace challenges faced by property management businesses, and we want to make receiving payments easier. Our technology can help you cut costs, drive efficiencies and growth, and make life better for your tenants.

Take a look at some of the ways our technologies help you grow your real estate rental or property management business.

Celero Connect

Without the right payment solutions, collecting rent and deposits can be a logistical nightmare with greater potential for risk and fraud. When you can effectively streamline your revenue collection, you eliminate or greatly reduce these problems once and for all. 

With Celero Connect, collecting rent and deposits is simple and stress-free. All you need is an internet connection to securely process all payments with just the click of a button, including in-person, contactless, curbside, mobile, and online payments. 

Celero Connect empowers you to unify your income streams by processing all forms of payment on one platform. You can also easily accept electronic check payments and send out customizable invoices. 

The user-friendly interface includes various helpful features to aid in your company’s efficiency and security, such as recurring billing capabilities and fraud detection. With a built-in QuickBooks feature, integration with your accounting system is a few clicks away. You’ll save time and money, billing cycle after billing cycle, powering greater profits and enabling you to focus on other aspects of your guest experience.  

Allow your lessees to pay using contactless cards

Do you take payments in person from your office? No problem–we’ve got you covered there, too. Credit and debit cards with microchips allow lessees to pay by simply holding their card near the point-of-sale payment terminal. Sometimes called “tap and go” or “tap and pay,” contactless payments are 10 times faster than swiping or having to insert cards at check-in or check-out.  

The secure contactless card chip creates a one-time code for each transaction accompanying payment information. It’s safe too; a thief would need to crack the complex algorithm the bank uses to generate this code.

Other benefits include less contact with public surfaces and less wear-and-tear on equipment.

Easily accept mobile and online payments

Pi-integrated payments is a wallet platform for accepting online and recurring payments. This processing gateway and its virtual terminal include a customer’s vault and allow for invoicing and EMV card present transactions. With fraud prevention included, you can process ACH and credit card payments easily.

Gift cards to build your business

Another great strategy for growing your real estate rental business is using a tool that’s a favorite among retailers–gift cards.

With gift cards, you can grow your business beyond the direct purchaser/renter, enabling people to give a honeymoon, vacation, or weekend getaway rental as a gift to their friends and family. 

Studies have shown that over 60 percent of gift card recipients spend more money than the card’s value, boosting overall sales. When your prospective tenant receives a gift card, they are more likely to use the gift card not to cover the rental in full but to upgrade to a more expensive listing and pay the difference out of pocket. 

As the real estate market ebbs and flows, it’s important to have the right tools to grow your property rental business. Connect with us today to see how Celero’s payment solutions can help you grow quickly and sustainably.