Why Convenience and Speed Are Paramount When It Comes to Payments

someone paying with their phone at a restaurant

Having an on-demand ability for collecting payments that’s flexible and can grow with the speed of your business makes all the difference. Quick digital payment options have become standard, even if your business is not a business to consumer entity (B2C). Efficient acceptance of payments in all back offices is now the norm, with the ability to send and receive money literally at your fingertips.

Beyond the Swipe

Since the adoption of an RFID technology like the EMV-Chip Reader for cards that make transactions more secure, one-time digital signatures have become even harder to copy. Paying by card has gone from a simple swipe to performing even shorter read range tasks, like tapping. So, having the rapid technologies for your point of sale (POS) system, built in, is crucial to your customer’s experience and safety.

Faster and Flexible

Whether in-store or on the move, businesses must consider how much spending is increased, if purchase times are that much faster. After an item is in an online cart for example, the consumer wants to know the sale went through, in as efficient a manner as possible. Sometimes, they don’t even want to carry their physical wallets, if their phones can perform the same tasks, through their digital wallets.

Cards that have the ability to 1-click purchase with chip, swipe, and tap technologies embedded, give customers flexible options. Gift cards can be reloaded. At the tap of a button or set up for automatic reloads in a store’s phone app or by tying credit or debit cards to a phone’s digital wallet, businesses are better equipped to sell more goods, period.

Options Breed Loyalty

As customers come to expect the ease of transacting in different forms, they’re more likely to be more loyal and follow their favorite stores more closely. The expanding payment methods available, because of fintech breakthroughs, offer payments on more platforms whether in credit, debit, and gift forms. Celero, while ensuring fast and safe transactions, wants to provide the necessary customer support to make insert, tap, swipe, or mobile pay options possible.

Integrated and advanced payments processing from Celero gives customers flexible, convenient, and secure payment solutions. Contact us today to learn more about point of sale options and our award winning service.