The End of the One-Size-Fits-All Fintech Solution

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A one-size-fits-all fintech solution doesn’t exist for today’s businesses. Every business has specific needs for payment acceptance and business management. 

A customized fintech solution optimized for your business’s specific requirements is of the utmost importance, as custom solutions empower increased revenue, streamline your company operations, improve the customer experience, and accomplish your other goals, growth, and security.

Security First

At Celero, we’re bundling our fintech solutions according to the needs of the businesses we’re serving. Focusing first on security, we’ve conducted the research and have already considered integrations for your business and its specific needs according to your growth stage, industry, and compliance requirements. Our technologies reduce fraud risk, thereby building the trust of your customers. 

Some of our solutions focus on digital payment transactions like credit and debit card processing and securing communications gateways with issuing banks. These solutions may be delivered through contactless options, mobile terminals, and all-in-one POS systems. Even if you’re far from your POS system, Celero’s technology travels with you.

Accept All Payment Types

An online platform like Celero Connect may be the right solution for you. Easy to use, it can seamlessly accept all payment types. Because this gateway handles payments on a deferred payment date or PI, it also automates accounting by bypassing entering and reconciling a transaction’s data by hand. Accounts, records, and stock levels all update in synchronized fashion. So whether it’s invoicing or recurring payments, Connect accepts all types of transactions easily and securely.

Retailers enjoy the flexibility of loyalty and gift card programs because they generate extra revenue. Both popular with customers and affordable to track, these kinds of transactions serve many functions as gift cards are reloadable and can even be converted to loyalty cards. 

Build Loyalty

Customized, branded card designs keep your company top of mind while facilitating easy e-commerce checkouts. Reloading cards keeps your brand prominent in your customers’ wallets over time.  

These marketing and promotional activities give your customers multiple outlets for interaction, making them more likely to purchase and come back for more.

Take Care of Employees, Too

Saving time and money on your payroll servicing and tax filing means your employees’ hours and wages are conveniently tracked, and their payrolls are easily approved. Each employee’s digital portal shows 1099s and daily attendance, integrating with HR software and worker’s compensation insurance providers. 

A single, one-size-fits-all solution simply doesn’t fit when it comes to the complexity of doing business today. So whether it’s free expert support, automatic tax filing, or expert tools that support both purchasing and can manage an employee’s individual needs, learn more about Celero’s suite of fintech solutions for your business today.