Solutions Designed to Help Banks Grow and Better Serve Their Communities

man entering his code at an ATM

Different solutions designed to help community banks succeed at the same time as helping their communities is why Celero partner relationships are so crucial.

Community banks need to have cutting-edge fintech solutions to be able to offer to their business clients. Local businesses need fintech that will help them boost their revenue, increase efficiency, and improve the customer experience.

Community banks (AKA trusted partners in the community) are the best people to provide local businesses with these types of solutions. Fintech payment solutions are linked with the respective bank accounts of the users. The user can use the funds in the bank to make online payments for services available on a fintech app like ticket booking, bill payments, EMIs, and others.

Celero’s following partner support programs manage risk, liability, and sales processes, so you can focus on your commercial customers. By leveraging support and resources, Celero helps you build efficient and profitable portfolios. 

BankMax is expert advice and analytics, allowing us to mine your best fee income possibilities and deposits at risk. Our Sales tracking tools also aid executive management.

Compass: a suite of tools aimed at helping bank partners acquire and grow commercial relationships. With its frictionless onboarding, lead management, and Celero Confirm that’s an underwriting tool, Celero is a trusted intermediary. 

Connect gateway is a platform for payment processing that allows merchants to accept payments from anywhere. Electronic invoicing, recurring billing, and secure ID merchant capabilities are all included. 

Portfolio purchase program monetizes a portfolio programming and immediate payout that allows bank partners to reinvest in their team and merchant servicing.

By improving the customer experience through staying true to our mission at Celero, increased trust is achieved. When you contact us you’ll see a customer-centric approach that’s unparalleled in the fintech industry.