Fintech Solutions that Set Merchants Apart From Competitors

a smiling business owner doing work

The business landscape is growing increasingly competitive, so setting your business apart is essential to beat the competition. In addition to ensuring your products and services are of the highest quality while providing excellent customer service, it’s important to equip your business with the best-in-class fintech solutions that customers expect. 

It’s incredibly frustrating for customers when they arrive at a shop, and the payment process is long/drawn-out, glitchy, and tedious. People want a simple, streamlined payment process that will enable them to make purchases and get on with their day. 

Easy, Secure Payments

Credit/debit card processing services should be secure and require little fuss like ours. Our POS systems, mobile terminals, and contactless options make life less complex, so you have time to focus on what matters most to your business. Credit and debit card processing uses cutting-edge communications for smooth contactless paying. Offering EMV and NFC capabilities, as well as Apple Pay, gives customers frictionless checkouts because the highest security standard for microchips in credit cards is being utilized, always.

Online/mobile processing services bundled with our point-of-sale systems, mobile payment options, or virtual terminals that let you conduct business closer though you may be far away, gives your business the added edge. When you travel, it also gives your customers a way to pay more quickly.

More Than a Terminal

Mobile and online paying customers are further rewarded when those services are customized to the exact needs of their business. On-the-go credit card processing that’s encrypted with reliably safe features like PI integration, credit card, and ACH online paying with Celero Connect or other business management solutions for recurring billing gives you greater control and flexibility; and receiving payments with your phone, over Bluetooth, or via an EMV audio jack becomes second nature.

Also, customers want to feel valued by the businesses they support, so having a great customer loyalty program is essential. Our program solutions invariably wow customers no matter if they use a one-time gift card or participate loyally. 

Whether your goal is to create multiple touch points or it’s POS integration that counts in your business, Celero can either create multiple outlets making it easier for customers to purchase or enroll, or create a customer-facing e-commerce website with point-of-sale functionality; we can build to suit your needs your way. 

Build Loyal Customer Relationships

Customers also want the option to purchase gift cards for their friends/family (gift cards are an easy gift that everybody loves to receive), which can help increase your customer base and customer loyalty. Convenient gift card solutions build a brand while rewarding loyal customers. Successful businesses use rewards, such as point, tiered, or paid programs, that encourage loyalty. Whether loading more money onto a gift card or leveraging a mobile phone application, businesses can track systems from a customer’s gift card. 

Celero is the premier provider of fintech solutions for your business. Contact us today to learn more.