Fintech and Analytic Solutions to Boost Your Bank

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Benefits of Payment Solutions for Banks

Our cutting-edge financial technology offerings can be customized to suit the needs of your financial institution and your customers. Our solutions can increase your revenue by charging transaction fees for payment processing, acquiring new merchant depositors, and adding the value of security for your users.

Not only can we increase your revenue streams, but we can help retain current customers by offering a competitive advantage of innovative payment solutions. Our technology can provide fast and secure transactions that every customer will value. The convenient payment technology will decrease churn rates and increase customer loyalty to your institution.

With our solutions for financial institutions, you can increase the efficiency of your operations by automating payment processing and minimizing manual requirements. Our partner programs offer all the training your staff needs to learn the technology and to feel comfortable speaking to customers about other services. A few of the services we can equip your team with include proprietary vertical technologies, multiple processing platforms, EMV/NFC payments, remote deposit/electronic check guarantee, and so much more.

After all of your new technology is up and running, you can use our software tools to access detailed business analytics to study the behavior of your customers. Gathering insights and data about your customers can help you make calculated decisions for the future of your operations.

BankMax Program

Our BankMax program is designed for small community banks all the way to larger regional institutions. The program uses a proprietary process of mining data to identify the best fee income opportunities and deposits at risk. The program comes with executive management solutions to track sales, revenue goals, and sales projections. We provide you with everything you need to engage your associates and drive growth.

BankMax comes with a full training process to get your bank associates up to speed with a new sales culture. The goal of the training is to make your employees feel confident with the competitive products they are offering and engage customers with other products or services they can benefit from. We can turn your team into sales professionals that will successfully turn leads into sales.

While you are focused on providing for your customers, we will do the dirty work of gathering the analytics that cover merchant reports and sales reports. We transform the data into a presentable visual for your senior executives and board members to view. With the help of BankMax, your financial institution will be equipped with the most advanced technology on the market to support and grow a successful portfolio.

Why Celero?

We are dedicated to exceptional customer service and offer 24/7 support. Our programs are transparent and focus on adding value for your customers. For further information or questions about our solutions for banks, contact our team today.