Why BankMax is a Game-Changer

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The Celero BankMax program will provide your financial institution with the sales tools, training programs, and business plans needed to generate more revenue for your business.

Data Analysis and Sales Tools

Before creating the best sales system for your financial institution, we need to understand your client base. Our proprietary data mining process will identify fee income opportunities and alert you to deposits at risk. We will provide executive management of the process, sales tools, real-time revenue goals, and sales projections. This process will allow you to leverage your customer data and execute a sales plan.

Building Your Sales Team

The driving factor of every successful bank is a well-rounded team of associates. When you partner with Celero’s BankMax program, your team will be granted full access to our in-depth training programs. Associates will learn to have confidence in their products and services so they can inform customers properly or refer them to another beneficial offering. Your team will be generating leads into sales in no time. This seamless sales culture will fuel your strategy and always keep customers satisfied.

Data-based Decision Making

If there’s one thing we know about making important business decisions, the data doesn’t lie. Our data experts will gather the key statistics about your financial operations and bring them to life. We provide you with detailed analytic visuals that break down the performance of your financial institution along with daily merchant reports and sales reporting. Having this information handy will streamline your decision-making process and promote a successful strategy.

Marketing & Payment Technology

The BankMax program will supply your financial institution with everything you need to create an enjoyable customer experience. Our best-in-class payment technology will give your customers payment flexibility with options like contactless and mobile payments. In support of your marketing efforts, we offer in-lobby signage, brochures, and many other co-branded or white-labeled marketing materials. Our products will be tailored to suit the needs of your business and maximize your growth.

Our Support

Celero will give your team all the training needed to execute your sales strategy. We will ensure your associates are comfortable speaking to customers about merchant services and equip them with expert sales techniques. For each piece of technology you receive, there will be someone to coach your staff on how to use and navigate the system. For your convenience, there is a 24/7 help desk to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Join the BankMax Program Today

Our customized banking services will create unlimited growth for your financial institution. If you are interested in the BankMax program or would like to know more about the services we offer, contact us today or visit our website here.