Ticketing and Payments for State Fairs

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As we slowly transition away from the pandemic era, people are anxious to get back to doing what they love. State fairs are one of those experiences everyone has missed, and people are ready to join the fun. Celero can provide your seasonal events with the latest payment technology to give your visitors the best experience possible while maximizing your revenue.

Gates and Ticketing

Customers love a simple process when it comes to purchasing tickets for live events or entertainment. When you partner with Celero, you can offer your ticketing and fair services through one of our convenient online platforms. We work with Showorks, Etix, Sapphire, and other providers who can supply your fair with optimal ticketing solutions for your business.

Parking Solutions

When your event gets busy, parking lots can get backed up quickly. To speed up the parking process, we can provide you with a parking sales solution that will let your customers purchase parking before they even arrive. Between pre-paid parking sales and our mobile payment solutions, you can say goodbye to long traffic lines.

If your event offers long-term vehicle storage or RV hook-ups, our PAS (Parking and Storage) program supports one-time charges, monthly billing, and bank account debits.

Gift Shop & Restaurant Solutions

It’s not an official day at the fair unless you order some delicious snacks and drinks to go with it. One way to maximize revenue is with speedy payment processing so you can keep a steady flow of customers. Our simple and powerful sales tools will give you everything needed to accept transactions and track sales. The technology we provide comes with built-in reporting that is specialized for fairs and other seasonal events. If you have questions about your payment technology, we are always available for support with our 24/7 help desk.

Custom Events

If you are hosting a community event or exposition and need help with ticketing, parking, or ACH, we are here to help. Our products can be tailored to the needs of your event to keep your payment processing simple for everyone. We want to work with you! We partner with boat shows, car shows, entertainment venues, carnivals, festivals, dog shows, you name it.

“By making the customer experience easier, the North Florida Fair has managed to break attendance records for consecutive years and spending records for three consecutive years.”

-North Florida Fair

Work With Us

If you decide to partner with us for our fairs and festivals services, we will provide everything you need to streamline your operations and maximize revenue. For further information or inquiries, contact our Fairs Sales Manager, Suzanne Haas, at suzanneh@celerocommerce.com