Solutions For Software Developers

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As a software developer, it can be time consuming and stressful to create financial programs for a business’ software application. It is crucial to have fluent payment processing incorporated into business software to provide a simple customer experience. Introducing Celero’s Payment API for developers: 100% cloud-based, fully integrated EMV payment solutions.

Payment API for Developers

Our PI API is a single integration  that provides seamless payment processing within any business application software. The full suite of services includes machine-learning AI fraud monitoring, card present EMV with quick chip EMV technology, tokenization, ACH, recurring billing, and DDoS mitigation. Instead of wasting time developing a payment software, developers can simply integrate our system in any business app software and enjoy complete payment processing benefits. 

Celero Core

The purpose of Celero Core is to merge your business’ software application with your payment solutions. Having a single integrated payment solution can simplify the transaction process and keep your customers satisfied.  It connects the three key pillars of the process which are technology, payments, and people.

Core Technologies

Our core technologies consist of Celero Compass, Celero Connect, and CeleroBI. Celero Compass is a powerful tool that comes equipped with everything your business needs to manage your growing client base, and make merchant onboarding and support easy. Celero Connect is our complete payment gateway that supports all payment methods. It can save you time and money spent on developers trying to create payment software for your business. Lastly, is CeleroBI which provides our partners with the industry’s most robust, real-time portfolio data and analytics. Quick accessibility to sales and customer data can streamline your business operations as a whole.

Core Payments

Our payment plans and processes are built to best suit the needs of your business. We tailor our services to satisfy you and your customers. Our goal is to help your business grow as well as maximize the value of your payments portfolio.

Core People

Partnering with us will not just provide you with great payment solutions, we will be there to help every step of the way. Celero Core comes with dedicated account management, dedicated relationship management, payment/onboarding support, and our merchant-first mindset. We prioritize responsive service that resolves your questions or difficulties. 

Integrate Our Solutions

We guarantee our integrations to be secure, simple, and scalable. If you are ready to integrate our payment solutions within your application software, contact us today to get started.