Merchant Spotlight: RE/MAX Gold Coast Property Management

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For 13 years, RE/MAX Gold Coast Property Management has served its community with convenient and effective property management solutions. From long-term rentals to short-term vacation homes, RE/MAX GC will handle all management operations while maximizing the value of each property. 

Managing a high volume of properties in a busy city like Oxnard, CA, takes some serious financial organization. Celero is proud to provide this property management company with expert payment processing solutions to complete the tenant experience.

Changing to Celero

Before partnering their company with Celero, RE/MAX GC had worked with another fintech provider who couldn’t keep up. “If I had a chargeback, they didn’t respond to me,” says Broker Associate/Partner of RE/MAX Gold Coast Property Management Kristina Brewer. In their business, if customers are trying to do a chargeback, they need quick and clear communication to get it settled. “It could be 24 to 48 hours before you could get someone to respond, and at that point, the situation falls through the cracks,” stated Kristina. This is when they realized they were desperate for a better provider. 

After connecting with Celero, RE/MAX GC knew they were in good hands. Our Vice President of Western Sales, John Correa, spoke with their team and was able to set them up with payment solutions specifically designed for the needs of their business. 

“I cannot tell you how responsive John is. He responds literally within minutes. If I’m up at six, he’s up at six and will respond to me. My heart feels better because you’re dealing with a lot of people’s money. I want a company that will respond to me right away, not one that makes me wait. So I’m grateful for having them now.”

Kristina and her team are extremely busy managing over 600 properties in the Ventura County area and have seen consistent growth each year. Having Celero handle all of their payment processing has been a savior for them. They now have more time to focus on their clients and provide the best property management services around. 

A Future of Growth

After partnering with Celero in 2022, RE/MAX GC has been able to serve many property owners with their services and has big goals for the future. The demand for real estate is still very high, and they know there is still a lot of opportunity for them to serve the community. They serve corporate companies with monthly rentals that house people in case of emergencies. For example, the Porter Ranch gas leak back in 2015 made many people from southern California evacuate, and RE/MAX GC was able to offer them safe housing during that time. They want to get more involved with their community and continue to grow their team.

Learn More About RE/MAX Gold Coast Property Management

If you’re interested in property management in the Gold Coast area, the team at RE/MAX Gold Coast Property Management will be happy to help. Visit their website here to learn more about their offerings and how you can get in touch.