Celero Celebrates Kathryn Rodriguez as Q4 2022 Duffy Honoree

header- Kathryn Duffy award

Each quarter, we like to showcase a member of our team who represents the core values of Celero through their hard work and leadership. Our latest recognition is reserved for someone whose knowledge and care for every client and every co-worker deserves our admiration and respect. 

Introducing the recipient of the Q4 2022 Michael P. Duffy Leadership Award, Kathryn Rodriguez.

Kathryn has been a loyal and hardworking employee of Celero since day one and is an outstanding Processor Relationship Manager. She is a humble helper to all and always delivers full effort. Kathryn has extensive knowledge of every service we offer our clients and knows how to generate benefits to satisfy both parties. How she embodies Celero’s purpose is what makes her so valuable to our clients and our company. 

Kathryn has been the leading force behind all of our Agent Bank conversions. She puts every bank partner and merchant before herself, giving them everything they need to be successful. There’s so much communication needed to keep our BankMax clients and our managers on the same page; Kathryn is always keeping in touch with these partners to deliver expert-level services like Celero promises. These conversions account for about 3 extra months of production, and they would not be where they are now without Kathryn.

Every one of our agent bank partners can vouch that Kathryn is a trusted manager and companion. For each of our new partners, Kathryn will guide them through the sometimes daunting process of learning our merchant processor and procedures. “She instructs, trains, and guides them to initial success and sets them up for long-term success by instilling the confidence and knowledge needed to navigate our Agent Program,” said Kyle Brown, Vice President of Operations at Celero Commerce. “Kathryn takes each client under her wing and, with her expertise, leads their businesses to success.”

To congratulate Kathryn further on her numerous achievements at the company, she will be invited to attend the 2023 Celero Leadership Summit in Nashville, TN.

“Kathryn is a positive ambassador to our partners and treats all internal employees with respect,” continued Brown. “ We want to thank Kathryn for her dedication to Celero and for being the great role model she is.”

Congratulations, Kathryn Rodriguez!