Why Finding the Right Fintech For Your Commercial Clients Matters

someone using their phone to pay at a cafe

The success of your financial institution is directly tied to the success of your commercial depositors— as they grow, so does your organization. To ensure they have all the tools necessary to optimize their bottom lines, it’s essential that you help them choose a payment solution that will work for their unique needs. 

Let’s talk about why finding the right payment solution is important for your financial institution, your clients, and their customers. 

The Decline of Cash, The Rise of Electronic Transactions

In a recent study, customers said they use cash or personal checks about 14 percent of the time to make payments. Customers indicated that they turn instead to credit or debit cards for payments nearly 75 percent of the time.

Payment processing impacts almost every aspect of a business – from revenue collection to the customer experience. At the most basic level, payment processing is how businesses take in revenue through credit cards, debit cards, online, and other transactions. 

In the case of a credit card, debit card, or other non-cash transaction, the customer initiates the process with your merchant client, who then forwards the request to a payment processor. The processor receives authorization from your financial institution, which then transfers funds to the merchant’s account.

The More Modes of Payment, The Better

In today’s world, customers want more than just the ability to hand cash or a credit card to a cashier but also options for online, contactless, mobile, and other payment methods. 

Celero can help merchants customize card and other payment processing solutions that allow them to take payments quickly and from anywhere. Our offerings include POS systems, mobile and virtual terminals, and contactless options. 

Let’s discuss a few payment processing solutions that we offer for your clients. 

Connect: The Connect payment gateway allows businesses to take payment on any device from anywhere. In addition to accepting payments in e-commerce, retail, mobile, and unattended settings, Connect has features for electronic invoicing, recurring billing, and more.

CashierLive: This point-of-sale solution lets your clients take payments, track inventory, and view sales reports. In addition to taking payments, CashierLive tracks purchases and provides them with real-time data regarding the performance of their shop. 

RazorSync: The RazorSync software helps simplify business operations for field service providers, such as repair, landscaping, pest control, plumbing, and other providers. The RazorSync software combines finances with field services to allow them to manage their customers, dispatch employees, create invoices, take payments, and more.

We Can Help You and Your Clients Win 

The businesses you work with need a payment solution that will work for them, not against them. We’re here to help you find the ideal solutions for their business objectives and preferences. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your commercial accounts grow.