Gear Up For The Holidays With Gift Cards

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Make The Holidays Fun With Gift Cards

It seems the love of giving gift cards grows as each new holiday season approaches. Customers of all ages and businesses alike adore the ease of giving and receiving them. 

Offering Gift Cards To Your Customers is convenient

Customer’s wallets holding gift cards not only build your brand, they’re easy to track and increased customer loyalty means more sales. Our merchants rave about their many advantages and paired with Celero’s POS systems, your business will better understand inventory tracking and reporting. Customer acquisition is also easier, as customers are given more freedom in choosing what they want, either online or in stores. We offer personalized card designs as well, because gearing up for the holidays with gift cards is vital to your success. 

They’re a safe choice and work like a debit card

Whether it’s a point-of-sale, tiered, or paid program, gift cards will typically link rewards to an app, showing the card’s balance. This gives the user the option of loading more money onto the card. Plus, they can be frozen, in case of loss or theft, without any loss of money. For small and medium-sized businesses, profits increase when a gift card recipient buys more than the face value of the card.

They reward customers for being loyal

Marketing gift cards to your customers is a frictionless transaction. Gift cards are effectively a new sales channel, whereby businesses can earn revenue, in advance of an actual sale. Before the card is eventually redeemed, stores are actually guaranteeing customers will spend money and potentially bring their friends. Studies have shown that over 60 percent of gift card recipients spend more money than the card’s value, thereby boosting overall sales.

For small businesses, it means increased revenue, new fans, and repeat sales, and with little overhead in obtaining those sales. Gift cards are easy to purchase, and they’re easy to use. They’re the front line of marketing to a new customer lifestyle that reinforces customer loyalty, while giving customers a reason to shop their way.

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