Shopping Small Doesn’t Mean Thinking Small

a man looking through his clothing racks

As we move into the holiday shopping season, savvy shoppers skip the big box mall stores and turn to local businesses for their gift needs – tapping into a curated selection of items and distinctive services.

Customers don’t have to sacrifice payment convenience when they shop with smaller retailers and providers, thanks to advances in technology. Merchants can take advantage of cutting-edge fintech solutions and support, so their customers receive the perks of large-box retailers with the benefits of shopping small.

Here are some reasons to shop at small businesses.

Give back to the community: Local businesses typically contribute by sponsoring local sports teams, participating in local schools, and supporting important community issues.

Customer service: Small businesses have more at stake with each customer who comes through the door, so they are likely to offer better customer service. Often the owners are behind the counter themselves to help customers. Owners are likely to remember and appreciate their regular customers.

Support your local economy: Sales tax benefits your state and local governments when you shop local small businesses. Local businesses also create jobs for residents in your community.

Make your community a destination: A series of local, distinct businesses can make a downtown area come alive. Often people will travel to a community to shop where the businesses have a distinct personality.

Interesting and diverse products: Smaller merchants generally understand local needs and interests. Rather than stocking their shelves with products aimed at a national market, they can appeal to specific local needs and niches.

See what you are buying: Local businesses allow their customers to see and touch potential purchases – something that is lacking when purchasing online.

Small businesses in the United States are key to your local economy – and to the health of the nation. There are more than 33 million small businesses in the United States, and they employ more than half of the workers in the country.

So when it comes time to spend your hard-earned money, consider shopping at a local provider. With the help of technology, small businesses can provide you with the payment convenience and benefits of a larger retailer and the high-touch, personalized service of a local merchant.

Celero Commerce supports small businesses by providing merchants with fintech solutions and customized support. 

Businesses can partner with Celero for payment processing, business analytics, gift cards, loyalty programs, and more. Payment solutions vary from POS systems to mobile terminals and contactless options. With Celero Connect, merchants can take payments on any device and from anywhere. 

If you’re a small business looking for ways to improve your organization and better serve your customers, please contact us today.