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Celero Core Frees Up Software Developers to Focus on the App

Celero Core makes it easy for software developers to integrate payments into their applications – freeing them to focus on the core application while enjoying all the benefits a payment gateway can bring.

But fintech poses challenges for Independent Software Vendors who focus on creating easy-to-use, compelling applications. Few ISVs are experts in fintech with all its technical, legal, and regulatory challenges. 

That’s where Celero Core becomes an integral part of the application development process. Let’s discuss Celero Core’s benefits and what it can do to assist software developers and their clients.

Benefits of a Payment Gateway

Businesses that include a payment gateway in their apps have a leg up on retaining customers and building their brands. Payments are a necessary part of doing business, and adding payment features to an application increases its “stickiness.” Customers are more likely to return to an app that allows them to conveniently pay for goods or services.

A secure payment gateway also includes features that fight fraud and lead to faster transactions for customers – while increasing the options customers have for selecting the payment option that works best for them.

Celero Core provides a simple way to add payment processing to software applications. Using powerful stack technology, Celero Core gives software developers access to a range of user-friendly and flexible fintech solutions. 

Providing an Integrated Suite

But not all payment gateways are the same. Celero Core offers partners an integrated suite that includes the Compass, Connect, and celeroBI services. With a flexible payments API, independent software vendors can reduce development and maintenance time.

  • Compass: Offers tools to streamline merchant onboarding and management, plus provides full support control and insights. 

  • Connect: Provides an all-in-one payment gateway that allows merchants to accept any type of payment, send invoices, schedule recurring billing, and more. 

  • celeroBI: Offers robust, real-time data and analytics to guide decision-making, enhance the customer experience, improve profits, and more.

Beyond the technology, Celero Core also gives developers and their customers access to a group of people whose goal is to help them grow and maximize their payment portfolio. Celero offers dedicated account and relationship management, collaborative payment and onboarding support processes, and a merchant-first mindset.

Getting Started with Celero Core

Are you ready to integrate Celero Core into your latest applications? Contact us today to find out how to get started with Celero Core.