How we Help Community Banks Achieve Their Goals

a man looking at financial reports on computer

With the right tools, community banks can not only compete against big-name financial institutions but grow and thrive.

Competitively, large national banks benefit from their name recognition and robust set of services for customers. For community banks to stay competitive, they need the right partners and products.

Celero is committed to helping smaller financial institutions sustain and grow their community of depositors and business customers. Loans and services from community banks fuel small to mid-sized businesses, which in turn drive the economy. 

We offer various payment processing, business analytics, and software tools to help community financial institutions succeed. Let’s discuss what Celero can do for community banks.

Customizable Programs for Financial Institutions

Celero partners with banks in a way that works for each financial institution’s specific needs. Bank partners can stay in control through an agent program, choose to let Celero do the heavy lifting – managing risk, liability, and the sales processes, or create their own customized solution. 

Here are some of the tools available to community bank partners.

BankMax: Expert advice and analytics to target and close on the best income opportunities. Celero directs the sales process from training, prospecting, pricing, and closing the deal. BankMax is designed to drive loan, deposit, and fee income growth.

Compass: Suite of tools aimed at helping bank partners acquire and grow commercial relationships. Key elements of Compass include frictionless onboarding, lead management, and Celero Confirm, an underwriting tool.

Connect Gateway: Platform with various payment processing and business management capabilities that allow merchants to accept payment from anywhere. Connect Gateway includes electronic invoicing, recurring billing, multiple merchant ID capabilities, and more.

Portfolio Purchase: Program that monetizes a portfolio and provides an immediate payout to allow bank partners to reinvest in their team and merchant services.

Celero provides the technology and products that your customers want with the support you need to be successful. All of Celero’s offerings are backed by training, marketing support, and a help desk. Tools are available on multiple processing platforms, all for one price.

Let Celero Help You Fulfill Your Mission

We recognize that community banks play a vital role in their local economies with loans to farmers and small business owners. They also provide important access to banking services in small towns and rural areas across the country.

Contact a Celero representative to learn more about how our offerings can support you and your mission.