Run Your Business from Anywhere with Celero Connect

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With Celero Connect, you can run your business efficiently and securely from anywhere with an Internet connection.

A business requires more than just customer interactions and sales transactions. Celero Connect streamlines many administrative management tasks.

Easy to Use Payment Flexibility

No matter where your business takes you, Connect’s iProcess Mobile application can come along to take phone, online, or in-person payments. Connect has the technology you need for your on-the-go business in a single, user-friendly interface.

  • Curbside payments
  • In-store transactions
  • Online transactions
  • Over-the-phone billing
  • Electronic check acceptance
  • Contactless and EMV payments

Secure Data Storage and Transfer

Celero Connect maintains secure payment options with only an Internet connection. Our software’s Level 3 Data Processing capabilities keep sensitive customer data safe. 

Celero Connect offers real-time fraud detection. Plus, a customer vault feature securely stores customer details for future uses, such as invoicing, recurring payments, or memberships.

To ease the administrative burden on your business, Connect offers a Quickbooks plugin to streamline the payroll process. It also can manage multiple Merchant IDs all under one gateway account for consolidated reporting.

Using Celero Connect for Donations

Each industry has its own financial challenges, and Connect can meet many of those needs. For example, Connect has several donation-related features perfect for non-profits.

Celero Connect’s iProcess mobile application allows you to simply add a “Donate” option directly to your website. Donors can securely enter their credit or debit card information. This is a valuable feature for religious organizations as it allows people to donate without carrying money to services.

Benefits for your Organization and for Donors

  • Simple design that doesn’t distract from the cause
  • One-step setting for the amount and frequency of donation
  • Secure preservation of personal details for future donations 
  • Real-time fraud detection and prevention
  • Online giving – any time, anywhere
  • User-friendly administrative dashboard 
  • QuickBooks plug-in to track donations

Connect Gateway

No matter what type of organization, Connect can help streamline operations and save you time and money. Contact us today to learn more about Connect and how it can help your organization.