Bob Theodoropoulos Named Q2 2022 Duffy Leadership Award Recipient

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Celero is pleased to announce that Bob Theodoropoulos is the 2022 second-quarter recipient of the Duffy Leadership Award.

Celero created the award to honor Michael P. Duffy, an innovative fintech leader and long-time mentor to many members of its leadership team. This peer-driven award celebrates the individuals who exemplify the core values of excellence, respect, and humility. 

Since beginning at legacy brand TransNational Payments in 2008 and later joining the Celero team, Bob has fostered a results-driven culture while maintaining a supportive, nurturing atmosphere. His positive attitude, commitment to achieving results, and willingness to help others in their duties are just a few of the reasons why Bob is an immense asset to our organization. He always provides his team members with the support and guidance they need to succeed.

“Bob Theodoropoulos, or as our Celero family endearingly calls him Bob Theo, has been an integral part of the operations team as the Risk Manager. He’s a stand-up individual who embodies our core values at Celero,” said Kyle Brown, VP of Operations.

“He has consistently met or exceeded the goals of the Risk Department. For six straight quarters, Bob and his team, including Darrell Backhaus and Karolina Sierawska, have met loss goals for Celero.”

Perhaps Bob’s greatest strength is his ability to react effectively during time-sensitive situations. He’s not the type of person to sit back and watch as others resolve problems. Bob is someone who will do what it takes to achieve great results. He’s always willing to selflessly put in extra work, serving as an excellent example of what servant leadership truly means. 

“He goes the extra mile to ensure the well-being and success of our clients, as well as our team as a whole,” added Brown.

The Michael P. Duffy Leadership Award is based entirely on peer nominations. This coveted honor is awarded to individuals who go above and beyond for their teams.

Here at Celero, we’re big believers in recognizing and rewarding people who put their hearts into their work, and Bob is the perfect example of this type of mindset. His consistent contributions to both our company and his team members show that his dedication is far from ordinary — it’s exemplary.

Following in the tradition of past Duffy Award Winners, Bob will attend the third annual Duffy Leadership Summit in 2023. This multi-day event is a celebration of Celero’s top performers, as well as an opportunity for team building and professional development. It brings together the highest achievers across all departments, plus all of the 2022 Duffy Award winners, for an event featuring presentations from keynote speakers, live entertainment, delicious food, and more.

As with previous Duffy Award winners, Bob will also receive a commemorative plaque that will serve as a reminder that his hard work is recognized and won’t be forgotten. He’s joined the ranks of Celero visionaries who are working to revolutionize the fintech space, and create a better world for merchants, community bankers, and consumers.