Payment Solutions For Moving and Storage Companies

a delivery man looking at his tablet while delivering boxes

Whether it’s leasing a truck, hiring part-time employees, or shortening your receivable period, Celero is a partner that assures smooth-running. Moving companies, household goods carriers, relocation companies, or van lines can all benefit. For-hire enterprises serving residents and businesses must be responsive to their clients needs. So we’ve devised the Connect and SwipeSimple programs to streamline your back office. We realize precise and detailed accounting of goods and services, requires a commitment to meeting production goals of local, long-distance, or international, partial, or full loads, with well balanced scheduling in mind. 

Our Powerful Payment Gateway Connect

You can access your moving and storage business from anywhere with an internet connection. Celero Connect allows you to run your business on the go. This payment gateway accepts all forms of payment (in-person, contactless, curbside, mobile, and online), with customizable features specific to logistics, ordering, warehousing, and transit. Here are just a handful of examples of Connect by Celero.

  • Provides a user-friendly interface that you and your team will love 
  • Processes all kinds of payments with one click
  • Saves time by scheduling recurring client billing
  • Unifies all income streams by processing all forms payments on a single platform
  • Accepts electronic check payments with your virtual terminal
  • Stores your customer information confidently
  • Includes expert customer and technical support services 
  • Makes life simple by accepting client payments from anywhere
  • Features built-in QuickBooks integration that processes transactions, makes accounting entries, marks transactions as paid, and generates reports

SwipeSimple Streamlines All Payments

Our SwipeSimple payments solution has powerful capabilities. It enables you to process chip, stripe, mobile, and EMV transactions with one tap, print receipts quickly, and invoice your customers easily. The following is a list of what’s offered with SwipeSimple.

  • Accepts any form of payment from your payment terminal, IOS, Android device, or any web browser
  • Takes minutes to run 
  • Collects and stores customer information to speed up future transactions
  • Creates, customizes, and sends digital invoices
  • Sends automated payment reminders via email and/or text so you won’t need to manually contact clients
  • Tracks invoices and payments in real time
  • Generates in-depth reports and insights that will help to increase your profits, improve customer service, and more
  • Easily exports transactions in a first compatible with tools like QuickBooks and Excel 

Allow Celero To Assure Every Load is Transferred in a Timely Way

Owners of moving and storage companies know order-handling through and through. It’s stressful enough and your commitment to customers and maintaining a high functioning staff is too valuable to lose sight of what got you into the logistics business in the first place. Contact us to learn more about how Celero Commerce can help your organization.