Celero Payment Solutions For Liquor Stores

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Selling spirits is not easy as it requires setting up the business accounting and banking, and acquiring the permits, insurance and licenses needed. We know that creating your store’s brand, and maintaining relationships with producers and distributors are key. We also know that finding niches within varying spirits labels comes with a price. In an ever expanding beer, spirits, and wine competitive landscape, retailers need to stick with the winners, maintain quality inventory controls, and keep gross profit margins of 53%.

Therefore, your customer loyalty program and the right point of sale solution, may make or break net profit margins of at least 15%. It’s dizzying to also monitor foot traffic that informs your marketing, staffing, and visual merchandising efforts. We also know that sales conversion rates, sales count, and average transaction value, along with sell-through percentages are also important metrics to keep in mind.  Yet your best planning efforts may or may not come to fruition.

Supply chains are slowly unkinking post-pandemic. So maintaining a compound annual growth rate of 7.9% through 2023 is doable. One way of growing a customer base via a single point of sale system (POS) is to utilize CashierLive. Your customers are often in a rush so they need to have a quick, convenient payment solution.  

Requiring a high financial commitment to running your office, and meeting production goals, with well balanced scheduling in mind, is only the beginning. We know it takes a combination of  many processes aligning to develop a steady clientele and scale your spirits business. Why not partner with Celero to meet and exceed your business expectations.  

About Our All-in-one POS Smart Software 

In helping you grow your beer, spirits, and wine business, CashierLive optimizes your firm by: 

  • Taking payments, tracking inventory, and views data metrics and sales reports
  • Tracking customers with customer management features
  • Integrating card processing to cut transaction times 
  • Increasing sales, cutting costs, and saving time
  • System automation that helps connect better with customers
  • Producing email and gift receipts, discounting items, and searching inventory
  • Accepting all forms of payment, and can put a transaction on hold
  • Scanning barcodes, simplifying returns, and splitting payments
  • Working seamlessly with receipt printers, cash drawers, and  barcode scanners
  • Importing inventory to BigCommerce software helping you sell online easier
  • Scanning, clicking, or swiping is all it takes for this system to work everywhere

Allow Celero To Improve Your Bottom Line Today

Because spirits business owners are committed to suppliers and customers alike and always face staffing challenges, isn’t your operation too valuable to lose sight of what got you into retailing in the first place? Contact us to learn more about how CashierLive can help your liquor store thrive.