Merchant Spotlight: RnR Vacation Rentals

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12 years ago when married couple Stu and Diana Roberson bought their dream home in Lake Tahoe, they decided to rent it out to make some extra money. Fast forward to today, what started out as a side hustle is now a dominant vacation rental company serving South Lake Tahoe, RnR Vacation Rentals. 

Celero is proud to provide this incredible company with the solutions they need to achieve sustainable growth, quarter after quarter. 

Meet the Founders 

RnR Vacation Rentals was born in response to a lack of property managers that provided guest screening, quality home care and cleaning, and reasonable rates. 

“When we first decided to rent out our place, we looked around for a property manager to help, but their prices were too high and they didn’t provide the level of service we demanded for our pride and joy. So, we decided to do it ourselves and 3 months later, our house was renting like crazy,” said Co-Founder Stu Roberson. “After a few years of renting out our house and helping our neighbors rent out their properties, we decided to turn this venture into a bonafide business.”

“We’re now managing 85 homes and that number’s growing every day. However, as Diana always likes to say, our goal is to be the best little company in the world. Our team works hard to provide our customers with a boutique experience, while also giving them the world-class solutions available from Fortune 500 companies.” 

Stu and Diana are partners both in business and in life. On any given day, you’ll find them sitting five feet apart from each other at their desks. In all meanings of the word, they’re a team. In her role, Diana overlooks the guest services, customer service, and housekeeping teams. Stu handles the maintenance, accounting, and tech sides of the business.  

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Like any business, they face challenges but they confront each one head-on. The COVID-19 pandemic, which hit the vacation industry hard, resulted in a number of trip cancellations, more stringent cleaning procedures, and a 3-month shutdown of operations. Fortunately, this setback was only temporary and since then, they’ve booked a record number of stays. 

In addition to the pandemic, RnR Vacation Rentals dealt with increased governmental regulations regarding short-term rentals. In response to bans in certain areas of the city on vacation rentals under a month-long, they introduced extended stay options which have been wildly popular with families with children, remote workers, and skiing enthusiasts. They now have 12 homes that offer longer stays for discounted rates. 

A Partner for Everything Payments 

Celero has provided RnR Vacation Rentals with the cutting-edge solutions they need to keep their funds flowing and to ensure the optimal customer experience. They accept over-the-phone and online payments, as well as payments for reservations initiated on third-party websites like Vrbo and Airbnb. 

Since the beginning, their account manager John Correa has worked to create an ideal blend of payment solutions that seamlessly integrates with their business management system. He also always goes the extra mile to provide responsive customer service. 

“Customer service is huge for us and it’s the first thing we look for in a payments provider. John, or ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ as Diana and I like to call him, is always there for us if we have questions,” said Stu. 

Learn More About RnR Vacation Rentals

If you’re interested in learning more about RnR Vacation Rentals, finding a property manager that won’t let you down, or booking your next vacation rental, make sure to visit their website by clicking here. RnR Vacation Rentals is truly the future of leisure!