What is Level 3 Data Processing?

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Let us introduce you to two Celero programs that will streamline your daily operations, improve your bottom line, and provide the verifiable Level 3 Data your company needs to succeed. 

Level 3 Data Processing Overview 

If your company processes commercial card payments for other businesses, then there are major benefits to having Level 3 Data Processing. Level 3 Data means a layer of data is added to each transaction, such as product information, line items, codes, item descriptions, unit prices, and others, and works to improve transaction quality. 

Once a payment is submitted, Level 3 sends the necessary data to Visa or MasterCard for verification. Then, the purchase details and other reported information are shared with the card association or bank, as to better monitor and record purchases. According to QuickBooks, payments may be withheld or come under scrutiny easier and faster, to determine mistakes or fraud, because detailed data verifies purchases. 

Celero Connect

With Celero Connect, running your organization is simple and stress-free. All you need is an internet connection to securely process all forms of payments, including in-person, contactless, curbside, mobile, and online, with just the click of a button. Celero Connect empowers you to unify your income streams by processing all forms of payment on one platform. You can also accept electronic check payments with ease and send out customizable invoices. 

Celero Connect’s user-friendly interface includes a wide variety of helpful features, such as recurring billing capabilities, fraud detection, and enhanced data to aid in your company’s decision making process. With a built-in QuickBooks feature, integration with your accounting system is simple and stress-free. It will save you tons of time on your next billing cycle and enable you to spend more time with your valued customers. 


SwipeSimple is another cutting-edge platform that enables you to accept all payments, whether that’s chip, strip, mobile, or EMV. It also prints receipts and invoices with ease, allowing you to speed up the billing process and spend more time with your clients. You can accept payments from your payment terminal, any IOS or Android device, or a web browser. The super simple interface is easy to operate, and we know that you and your team will love navigating it. 

As an added bonus, future transactions are faster, since client payment information is stored so that customized invoices can automatically generate during the next billing cycle. Imagine how much time you’ll save! Plus, automated payment reminders via email and/or text are easy to track in real-time. You can also generate detailed reports and helpful insights that will enable you to better understand the needs of your customers. 

Fintech Designed for Your Business 

Celero Connect and SwipeSimple are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses, and to help you reach your organization’s goals, no matter how ambitious they might be. They’re also seamlessly integrated with Level 3 Data Processing capabilities to keep your customer’s sensitive data safe. When you have the right fintech solution in place, the possibilities for success are endless. 

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