Say YES to More High-Risk Merchants

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Working to expand your merchant base can be tough, especially if the offers are coming from traditionally high-risk clientele, such as smoke and CBD shops, liquor stores, and cigar stores. At Celero, we believe that taking chances on these types of businesses can yield fantastic results, and our custom-built program helps you do more. Introducing our Strategic Acquisitions Channel (SAC) program.

What is the Strategic Acquisitions Channel?

As businesses like CBD stores become more and more popular, we decided to create a solution to help financial institutions navigate the waters of partnering with these types of businesses, and offering financial protection. SAC is designed to help you say “yes” to more business opportunities and develop a competitive advantage in your market. With our help, you’ll be able to not only increase revenue, but to also set up payment solutions that are unique to the businesses you choose to partner with.

What to Expect With SAC

With our SAC program, we’re interested in creating the best possible market solution for your financial institution that’s sustainable and stable in the long run. To cover all liability, there’s some extra paperwork that needs to be worked through in order to maintain financial protection in these high-risk industries, but a bit more time upfront is all worth it with the profit and investment margins later on. To explain more about the process, detailed below is a quick breakdown of a CBD investment opportunity.

  • In COMPASS, outlines for different types of high-risk businesses are available and let you know of the required documentation, as well as a series of questions to look into about the business. Some questions for pre-screening a business may be about how to process for retail stores, and what language can be used when talking about the product
  • Available on our website is a form to fill out and submit for consideration to work with the SAC program. Please allow up to 3 business days for a response from our team, and if considered, a formal application packet will be sent to you
  • Once the application packet is filled out and all the necessary documentation is submitted, a formal “approval” or “decline” decision will be issued to you. If you receive approval, this exciting business endeavor can begin 

Say YES to More Businesses With Celero

Market opportunities in high-risk industries offer a significant amount of value potential for your financial institution, but they aren’t without risk. Working with Celero helps to ease the risks, and allows you to begin a financially stable partnership with some of the fastest-growing business types in the country. Contact us to learn more about taking on high-risk accounts and mitigating the risks.