Our Cutting-Edge Solution Designed for Religious Organizations

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Few people still carry cash around in 2022, which presents a challenge for places of worship that rely on cash-based donations. Fortunately, we’ve got the perfect solution for combating this issue! Let us introduce you to Celero Connect, the online platform that allows your supporters to donate virtually. 

An Online Giving Platform That Works With You

Here at Celero, we’re dedicated to helping religious organizations by inspiring the generosity of patrons through cutting-edge payments technology. The Celero Connect payment gateway, which includes a wide variety of helpful features and a modern, user-friendly interface, can help your organization increase your donations significantly by meeting your givers where they are—which, in 2022, is online. Over the course of the past year, mobile giving has increased 205 percent, so it’s essential to give your supporters an easy-to-use online donation solution. They want to contribute to your cause and we want to make that as easy as possible. 

Explore the Benefits for You and Your Community

Celero Connect offers donation solutions from anywhere in the world via our Collect Checkout feature. It enables you to insert a “Donate” button directly onto your website, or send a link or QR code prompting your supporters to submit gifts, donations, and tithes. With the simple click of a button, they can securely enter their credit or debit card information and contribute to your organization. As an added bonus, you can generate in-depth analytics to gain insight into the people who are donating to your cause, resulting in a better understanding of your givers and their unique views. Our program makes it fast and stress-free for members of your community to donate whenever they feel inspired to, and greatly reduces the need for handling physical monetary donations.

Perks For Your Community

  • Simple design without distracting elements that take away from the cause
  • Set the amount and the frequency of donations in one easy step
  • Platform securely saves their personal details for future donations 
  • Real-time fraud detection and prevention to protect your supporters from hackers 
  • Online giving any time, anywhere

Perks For Your Organization 

  • Understand your audience through in-depth, optimized data
  • Full control of your data through the user-friendly administrative dashboard 
  • Celero Connect’s iProcess mobile application makes it a breeze to accept donations while on-the-go
  • QuickBooks plug-in that will make it easy to track your donations

What Will You Accomplish with More?

When you partner with Celero, your church will have more money to reinvest into your community, amplifying your ability to make a positive impact. Contact us to learn more about how this program can help your organization.